Zariaha is an incredibly old region of the Mainland, in terms of how long it's been populated. It's known for its cold climate, and hardy people, of which they are mostly Human and Demon.

The country of Zariaha has had two kings, often referred to as the Twin Kings, for hundreds of years. The two kings, Ryon the Great, and Brozol Maximus, rule the country with the sole purpose of creating a global civilization, whose seeds start there.

The main city of Zariaha has 45 meter walls, designed to be sturdy, lasting the test of time, and intimidating for any who would dare to invade. There are very few buildings outside of the city, mainly because the cold seems to draw people closer to each other.

Recently, Zariaha expanded its territory by almost six-fold, by first annexing Witherwood, making the District of Witherwood, claiming the entire northern reach of the Mainland, but secondly, by purchasing one of the sourthern regions of the Frozen North, called the Wastes. Making this move, the Twin Kings have complete control over the Strait of Zehal, on both sides.