Zakianshin is thought to be the ruins of a great city. It was found by a wandering warrior, looking for Evil Angels to slay. He stumbled accross the ruins, and called out to his camp. Once they cleared it out, their Head Magus studied the ruins and found many well preserved books, parchments and letters.

Currently, Zakianshin is inhabited by countless researchers, magi, chemists, paladins and nomads. A city of tents cover a huge area around the ruins, as the team who found it banned tents inside. All the inhabitants are often trading what they find, bragging, and studying closely. Not much is known yet, except one magus who decided to let us see one letter titled: The Betrayal at Zakianshin. Some people within had found some demonic remains, broken swords and armor, holy symbols, and orbs.

Zakianshin was recently found to be a waystation of sorts between the Spiritkin city of Ilhallen and the realm itself. A sealed gate stands between the two.