Witherwood is a massive stretch of swamplands and Stalwart forests. Often times, the entire region is avoided, due to countless rumors and legends. For this reason, it's often used by criminals and secretive parties to keep themselves from public view.

Witherwood has a rampant Lurker problem. Anyone who enters Witherwood, be warned, entering the swamp water of Witherwood is a massive risk at contracting the Lurker disease, or being attacked by one. If you must travel here, stick to the roads and dry land. It's not worth the risk.

In addition to this, due to recent events, Witherwood is even more dangerous. According to measurements supplied by the Janni Camp's research facility, the area has been irradiated heavily. Short exposure, of about 10 minutes, is alright, but much longer, and you may begin to feel the effects of the intense Mana radiation.

In a centralized location in the swamps, a large, twisted tree stands. Accompanied by ruins nearby, and torches that seem to never burn out, the twisted tree is often used as a respite among the swampland. It's far from safe, but it's safer than the surrounding area.

Apart from the swamps, which take up much of the south and some of the east, there's also the region called the Deadwood. The Deadwood is a massive region of mainly Stalwart trees, covering the most of the north and west, along the border of Witherwood and Zariaha. Many tales of ghosts and hauntings take place here, which isn't unreasonable, as the only settlement, as well as the capital of the region, Pilfenboro, is populated by undead.

Pilfenboro itself is a small town, located fairly close to the northern shores of the continent, but still surrounded by the Deadwood. It's mainly inhabited with undead creatures. Of course, it wouldn't be able to be called a town if its inhabitants were non-sentient, or non-sapient. They, indeed, are. Regardless, they're still looked down upon for their circumstance, as so the town is a town of fellow outcasts.