Wandering Gods are simply Gods from other Realms, Realm Systems, Realm Clusters and so on. These could be more or less powerful than ones from this realm. They may or may not play a role in quests, trading, new dangers or other things. Almost all Wandering Gods have been significantly weakened by traveling through the Void. The fall of countless worlds has caused Gods to flee to Zeterra in droves. Keep in mind that while the major arrivals shall be listed, the lesser of them often won't be.

Glacius: An extremely powerful being coming from the Efrusdust Realm System. Glacius has just recently achieved the esteemed title of Ancient God. Glacius' specialty is Ice Magic, and is the creator of his signature spell, which he loves to take credit for, called "Planar Freeze". After Efrusdust fell, he fled to Zeterra, seeking steamy ladies and cold drinks. 

Bellows: An old, weakened God from the Kurotokan Realm System. His power once lied with the eternal flames of his blasts furnaces, but after a long sleep, he's been drained of much of his once wonderful power. Despite being weakened, Bellows is still classified as a Greater God, and he's on the higher end of said spectrum. Nowadays, Bellows tends to the God Kiln, in the place of Medasz.

Yrok-Jazr: A mid-powered God also from the Kurotokan System. No, he's not evil. In his System, huge hulking rock beasts roam the fiery landscape. He is purely made of obsidian, lava and fire. Bellows brought Yrok with him, when he escaped to Zeterra. Yrok should be classified as a Greater God, however, he's rarely in the eye of the Gods, and therefore hasn't been judged.

Zeidfriek: An old tribal God coming from the Akian Realm System. His power lies with Water and Earth. His motives in this region are currently unknown, but he seems interested in the God Wars wastelands. Zeidfriek is currently classified as an Elder God.

Solkrdin: A Greater God originating from the Akian Realm System. Solkrdin is a God specializing in Astral Magic. His job is to build Realms, but has been retired due to conflict with a neighboring Realm System. He has resorted to wandering to ease the boredom.

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