The Voratians(Pronounced Vor-Aee-She-An) are a very complex race. Despite being very similar to Humans, there are a few key differences. The Voratians are a breed of mostly Human, with a small amount of Spiritkin.

With this fraction of Spiritkin, they are, on average, more magically inclined than Humans and some other races.

In DSZC 5, they have 10 HP, 1 STR, 5 Mana, 1 ARM. They learn all Magic slightly faster than other races.

The Voratians are a Tier 1 Race.


The Voratian culture is based around, at its core, knowledge, festivals and peace. They had many large repositories for the information they collected. Most notably Zakianshin, a Voratian research city. Zakianshin was also where the largest portion of the Voratian military was stationed. Despite also having a powerful military, the Voratians loved to party. They often held festivals just for the sake of partying. During these times, many people from near the cities, or even farther away, would come to visit. It was for this reason that the Voratians had many allies. Doing this, they also became the favorite people of many powerful lords and other races. This didn't come without its perks. The Voratians were in an alliance with countless other races existing in the late First Age and early Second Age. This means strong defenses and plenty of funding for one of the most quickly advancing races in the Realm. But, when one has more than another, eventually one wants what the other has. This is what lead to the ultimate destruction of Zakianshin, the single greatest source of knowledge in the Realm at the time.


The Voratians made use of their magical talents in their language, either referred to as Voratian or Vorat. It consisted of the normal alphabet, translatable directly to Common; a set of non-standard characters, which replaced certain sounds and combinations of Common lettering; and the set of symbols that represent anything from the concept of fluidity, to rocks, to colors and so on.

This is given the title of a language of power, as the words themselves have magical properties. Voratian is the basis for Curse Magic and Ancient Curses.