This is a timeline of mostly major events happening in the world of Zeterra. If you're looking for the page discussing time periods, look here.

First Age (In ZE time)

Year 0-Year 5

Creation Period with Dramae and Medasz

Year 6

Skril' Astriloth banished

Year 7-432

Creation period continued

Year 433-629

First God War

Year 630-744

Peacetime, no hostile acts took place, but the growth of the races nearly doubled.

Year 745-1270

Second God War, Zephyz' punishment

Year 1271-1274

The Yratians attack and almost exterminate all Part-Humans from Zeterra.

Year 1275-1827

Peacetime. Zephyz withdraws from the world for a few centuries.

Second Age (In ZE time)

Year 1828-2355

Nomads turn to small outposts, outposts turn to villages, so on and so forth. Soon, the major towns and cities of the modern realm.

Year 2356-2358

The Betrayal at Zakianshin, The Ilhallen Massacre

Year 2559

The Dolma mysteriously vanish

Year 2568-2571

The Demon Incursion; Kokura's Rift colonized by invaders from the Fyrehalls.

Year 2872-2874

Void Scout attacks and claims three towns

Year 2875-2876

The Year of Blinding Light

Third Age (In ZE time)

Year 2877-2880

The Third God War; Yzaar-Drakus Vs. The other gods of the realm

Year 2881-2945

The rebuilding of the Realm

Year 2945-2965

Ashura's imprisonment, Soulreach is razed.

Year 2966-2967

Ashura is freed and he links his Realm, the Land of the Sleeping Giants, to the rest of the system

Year 2971

Destruction of the Mage's Colony averted, by the hands of an independent Demon military force

Year 3005

Information on other Ancient Gods was found

Year 3006-3015

Research on magic exponentially increases

Year 3019

Ilhallen was found inside the Zakianshin ruins and is resurrected, The Ilhallen Massacre

Year 3022

Ruuki was born from the Whisper

Year 3023

Dramae is awakened, Schakkus defects from the Voids into Dramae's ranks, the Gods raid a Void outpost and another Void defects to their side. The Dwarves begin to suffer a civil war.

Year 3024

Through more research, the leader of the Voids is discovered as a being known as Anmdra.

The homeworld of the Uares, Stahlmite, was re-discovered.

Astriloth and Schalos both joined the Gods.

The Golden Palace was attacked by the Voids. The Fourth God War begins.

Stirrings from the Corridor.

Year 3025

The Gods and warriors who choose to fight in the Fourth God War leave for battle.