The Wintergreen Isles are a group of islands northwest of the Frozen North. The Wintergreen Isles are populated with small tribes of a newly discovered race, the Silverbloods. The lands are covered in ice and snow, much like the Frozen North.

Beh-Athaid, the Main Island

Beh-Athaid has the largest group of Silverbloods in the region. It could be considered a small town by a mainlander's standards, but to the Silverbloods it's the center of everything in the region. This town is known as Afkalnd. The Silverbloods from the main island can be identified by the headresses they wear. A thick, furry hood with feathers trailing off the back to make a cape of sorts. The people here are quite weak, but their numbers make up for this weakness.

Rin-Alrokia, the Smallest Island

Rin-Alrokia is the smallest part of the Wintergreen Isles. It's the most cut off from the rest and with only three villages, it's the least populated. The Silverbloods here are cruel and hardy, rarely speaking to outsiders. This island is also notorious for it's strange occurances. Mana Storms and random explosions are common in the area between the villages. These storms are usually caused by excessive Mana in the air and the earth, meaning this area has more Mana than almost any other area in the Realm or there's a powerful object nearby.

Zan-Akurin, the Twin Islands

Zan-Akurin is a region with two different islands. Between the two, there are only two tribes. These two tribes are at war with each other. Zan-Akurin is the warmest region, but is still covered in snow and ice. The reason for this is an artifact that radiates enough heat to warm the area. This object is known as the Orb of Icmenthus. This orb was stolen from the Origin Islands in the year 829 and was abused by the local tribes. Eventually, one tribe took it for themselves, starting the war that still rages today.