The White Tower towers over the nearby trees, and is easily visible from higher points in the Janni Camp. The White Tower is infamous for causing disappearances, up until recently(In the year 3015). The Tower was home to a sapient weapon, named Hatespark. Hatespark is a sword made of Shadows. Inside the blade, there are two stronger personalities and anywhere from ten to ten-thousand weaker personalities. The first of which was extracted, and banished. The second is an entity that has a demented hatred of all life. However, Hatespark's current wielder, Toma Ramaz, has convinced it that it needs him.

Before Hatespark's liberation from the tower, the first personality used its deceptive nature to lure people in, and feeding on them. It was powerful to the point that it could manifest outside of the weapon, and create other Shadow entities.

Nowadays, the White Tower has been claimed by the Mage's Colony, and it will be used as a separate teaching facility.