The Westerlands is a large region of the Mainland, mostly consisting of savanna. The Westerlands is known for two things, mainly. One, the capital of the Mainland, the Royal City. The other is the rampant infestation of Rock Roaches; large, cockroach-like creatures with carapace as sturdy as solid rock.

The region itself mostly consists of the savanna, typically called the Royal District. However, the region where Silverwood village is located, on the eastern end of the country, typically referred to as the "Deep East", or "the Silverwood District".

The Westerlands also has a few lesser locations, such as the town of Silverwood, which, at one point, was a town focused on the lumber industry, chopping the nearby Silverwood trees, as they had qualities perfect for shipbuilding. However, when the industry died down, many residents didn't have the funding to move elsewhere. Now, they act as a crossroads town, where many travels pass through on the road to the Royal City.

Another location that is well known, yet highly disliked, is the Rock Roach Caverns, a massive tunnel system, dug out by miners from the Royal City. However, upon opening the way into a new section of caves, Rock Roaches poured out, and began inhabiting the Caverns. It's ill-advised to enter, unless you have a heavy weapon and a pickaxe.

The Royal City, contrasted to the latter two, is one of the most populated locations in all of Zeterra. Firstly, it's home to the King of the Humans, a man who acts as a go-between for the Humans and all other races' leaders. The city is also home to a branch of the Mage's Colony, the Advanced Colony. On top of this, the Royal City has a vast marketplace, with merchants from around the Realm, often selling exotic goods. However, with a large marketplace, with expensive goods, thieves are never far away. Indeed, a large, organized group of thieves, under the banner of the "Thieves' Guild", practically rules the more impoverished sections of the city, and even holds weight in politics. Despite this, the Thieves' Guild isn't making any heavy-handed attempts to cause chaos. They're simply in it for the money.