The Third God Wars has just recently begun. Yzaar-Drakus, the God of the Void has been up to something, and everyone knows it. The Void Scout that "escaped" his realm was no accident. It has been occuring for months now, and they have been causing more and more damage.

Only recently has Raptoris taken notice. Dramae has been becoming pale, and has been avoiding everyone, including his best friend, Medasz. We think this may be tied to the destruction of the Realm by Drakus.

Medasz has been angry ever since the first Void Scout's destructive rampage in the Kotanian Jungle, and has been preparing an army of elite "God" Knights to combat Drakus' minions. He has also been a part of countless war meetings in the past few months. One notable event at the conclusion of the second war meeting was Medasz and Harral shaking hands, moments after them making a deal.

Zephyz was also at each meeting, only seen to be smiling under a new suit which covers her face almost completely. She made a statement at the end of the second war meeting: "There's only one person who can mess with Dramae and live." just before warping out.

The Elenatis Brothers actually decided to help the Realm they call home, by offering to sneak into the Void and scout it out.

A mysterious figure has been seen in two of the war meetings. The only things that people noticed about him was that they had a slight headache and one of the Gods left due to an unknown reason.

Glacius, Yrok-Jazr, and Siskar have also made their way to the Realm, willing to help.

Some quotes from the most current war meeting:

Glacius- "I've only visited this wonderful Realm once or twice, but the Gods, the people, and the land itself left a lasting impression. I'd hate to see it wither into such a state as Siskar's Realm, Rkoth' Kfili."

Yrok-Jazr- "I must say, the magma in this realm is a damn wonderful treat compared to the solid rocks back in my Realm. Most of mine has cooled due to something strange. My people keep mentioning a figure dressed in black and purple constantly bathing in the magma pools."

Siskar- "I knew Dramae when he was just a child. I knew all of you. However, he was special. He has traits none of us here have, or understand. I will NOT stand for the state he's in. Those who stand in the way of the powerful Siskar shall be deprived of the substances they require for life."

Harral- "I know the history between me and Dramae is rough. But, I'm a bit worried. As soon as Dramae became sick, Zephyz started acting strange. I mean, I know she's the God of Life, but I didn't think she would change like THAT."

Raptoris- "Drakus, if you're listening, which is likely, heed my words: You will fall before the terrifying might of Raptoris. I gave you your power, I can take it back just as easily! Watch your back."

One of the males from the Energy Clan even came to visit. He seemed to be a diplomat of sorts, and he greeted everyone he met. When Medasz went to give him a hug, he flinched and covered his head as if he were being attacked.

Yzaar-Raptoris mentioned something no one saw coming. He had told everyone after the meeting that even if they couldn't stop Drakus, they had a secret weapon. He told them there are more than just three Elder Gods in the realm. He said nothing more on the subject, as if keeping a secret. He also said that if worst comes to worst, they could do what a God would consider suicide. A God would sacrifice their infinite God powers to awaken a weapon of absolute destruction. Something Raptoris calls "Absolute Zero". Absolute Zero was used by Raptoris to delete realms. With this power, a God could easily be deleted. Since the weapon belongs to Raptoris, it can only be awakened if he allows it.

Siskar said he would get the help of the Dracokin to help with the war efforts. The Dracokin were never a war-like species, but now, as a new age is dawning, they want their place in the realm. 

Meetings have been going on regularly for many weeks now. However, at the most recent meeting, Raptoris brought up something interesting.

Raptoris - "I have a bit of information that may be interesting to all of you. We have three trump cards on this fool, Drakus. One is actually one of my students. Dramae is a more powerful being than you all know."

Harral - "I knew it. I knew there was something strange about him."

Dramae - "What do you mean, Raptoris? There's something you hid even from me?"

Raptoris - "Yes, Dramae, there is. I was afraid you'd do something stupid if I had told you sooner. You are a prison."

Multiple people in the meeting at this point exclaimed "What?"

Medasz - "What do you mean he's a prison? Is he containing something?"

Raptoris - "Yes. Inside him is a super weapon. I named it Absolute Zero. It is capable of deleting realms."

Most people in the meeting were even more surprised at this. The Gods then began talking amongst themselves.

Raptoris - "Along with this, we have two other powers at our disposal. One you may all know is the Ultima Cannon, located south-east of here. The other is lesser known and remains in Medasz's possesion, the Spark of Creation. The Ultima Cannon has only one use: it's built to kill powerful beings such as Gods. The Spark of Creation, however has the ability to create whatever the user desires. Including new realms. Drakus wants the Spark and Absolute Zero, but doesn't care for the Ultima. We can't just send you two on the front lines, so we'll keep you behind for support."

Gol - "So... We hold three energetic items... Which you call "trump cards". I say we shall conserve our energy until we've weakened Drakus. Then we pull out all the power we've got!"

Siskar - "I concur. We should use our power in sparing amounts after we've stored it. If we use it all, and find that Drakus still stands, we'd be in a predicament."

Medasz - "So, my job will be to stay back and support? Alright. Shall I make weapons and armor for everyone?"

??? - "Excuse me..."

As the mysterious figure spoke, all of the meetings attendants looked it's way. The figure removed their hood, to reveal... An exact replica of Raptoris.

Raptoris - "Ahh, I was wondering when you'd speak up, Enigma."

Enigma - "Enough with the formalities. You said you needed me. What do you want?"

Raptoris - "I need you to grant us access to your realm. Can you do that?"

Enigma - "With pleasure. However, I can't say my... "Followers" will be as kind as me. Tread lightly in the world between, big one."

Soon the team will enter Enigma's Realm. Before that though, Dramae's true power needs to be unlocked. The only way that this can occur is if the key to the prison is found.

Raptoris - "The only way we can find the key is to ask the Dracokin. I entrusted them with it a few years before your creation, Dramae."

Siskar - "And how do you propose we speak to them? They're only interested in their Gods."

Medasz - "Yeah! Their Grand Dragon Lords and whatnot."

Raptoris - "Those Grand Dragon Lords are us. That's how they see us. We all have names in their tongue. I digress, we need to speak with Auw-Ikma' ul, the Dracokin Grand Priest."

Although it took a long time, they were able to contact the Grand Priest, and even though it caused an uproar in the Dragon community, the key was obtained. The key could not be used in any location. It could only be used in a location known as the Station of Awakening. This location is in the place the Gods call home in Destinyscape Zetacraft; The Golden Palace. This Palace is a realm all it's own in the same system as Destinyscape Zetacraft, the Underworld, the Void, and multiple others. It'll be up to Medasz and Raptoris to put the Station of Awakening back into working order, however. It has degraded over the ages it hasn't been used, making it useless, but repairable. It will take much effort on the part of the Gods and their followers.

Many months later, Raptoris and Medasz managed to rebuild the Station of Awakening. Once the spires of the Station were rebuilt, and the magic restored, they inserted the key into the center spire. A massive sphere that was sitting on the top opened, creating a shimmering staircase. As Dramae ascended the stairs, many thoughts raced through his head, leaving him both confused and in pain. As he reached the summit and stepped into the sphere, everything made sense. Why he was created, what the path he must take is, and most of all: How to kill Drakus. As he floated down from the spire, golden Armor began to encase him. The Godsword he was carrying underwent a transformation as well. The blade turned clear-white, and began glowing. The pommel changed from a Diamond to a Dragon's Eye.

Raptoris - "I present to you, my fellow Lords of the Realm, Yzaar-Dramae, Elder God of Order. Dramae, are you feeling any better?"

Dramae - "Yes, Raptoris. My strength has been restored. Drakus will pay for the pain he brought into my Realm. There's nowhere for him to run and hide now."

Harral - "Nowhere that we know about. If he has to ability to warp into other Realms, there won't be any chance anyways. I've recently been hearing echoes from the Underworld. Something truly terrifying has awoken there. The other Realms have guardians as well."

Dramae - "Good. Has anyone seen Zephyz? She's been acting strange for a while now."

Medasz - "I heard her when we were in the Palace, but other than a few words, nothing's been said by her."

Raptoris - "It doesn't matter right now, Dramae. We need to get into the Void and destroy Drakus."

And at that, the team set out for Enigma's Realm. When they arrived, they found an army of strange, dynamic beings made from a black liquid.

Enigma - "Do not fear. These beings are nothing but my soldiers. Dramae, they are my gift unto you. They will take the form of anything you wish. Do not lose this battle, I plan on owning the Void when this is all said and done."

Raptoris opened a massive portal, leading into the Void. When they arrived, they found nothing but floating islands.

Dramae - "Drakus, come out!"

Raptoris - "Don't tempt him. He's more dangerous than you give him credit for..."

Dramae - "Come on, I think we both know-"

Raptoris - "He's almost more powerful than me. We're tied when it comes to absolute power. And with an army of God-like beings, he's stronger than all of us undstand."

At that, a few Void Scouts materialized. A few moments later, the rest of the army.

Dramae - "Well, someone's jumping the gun. Drakus, why don't you just give up now and make this easier for the both of us."

Drakus - "Heh...Typical Dramae. Pacifistic to the absolute limit. No, I won't come out. I want to see how much power this "superweapon" has."

And, with that, the first battle of the Void began.

As Drakus' and Dramae's soldiers fell, they prepared to duke it out. Dramae stepped onto the battlefield, destroyed Drakus' soldiers by himself, and launched the first attack on Drakus. He blocked Dramae's uppercut, and came in with his claws and stabbed Dramae's stomach. Dramae jumped back, split his Godsword into two smaller Swords, and charged back into battle. He swung with another uppercut, and blocked Drakus' claw with his second Sword. He then cast the Holy Light Spell, launching Drakus a few feet away. Drakus prepared the Nova Spell, but Reyial absorbed it, and used Rebound to send it back at double force. Drakus came at Reyial with a conjured Scythe, and as he was about to hit, Drakus was struck with a massive punch to the face by Medasz. Drakus flew into the air, prepared his Sub-Zero Spell, which Reyial attempted to siphon, but was instead blasted back a fair distance. Drakus cast it. Dramae attempted to block it, but it dissipated and reappeared behind him, which he could not block fast enough. He was launched toward Drakus, who had prepared a conjured Warhammer, and smashed Dramae through the ground with it. Locked in that position, falling into the depths, wondering what would happen, Dramae seemed lost. He opened his eyes, and they were both teleported to a place of the likes neither had seen before. A destroyed village in a massive jungle. Amazed, Dramae didn't see Drakus' Soul Crush Spell coming at him, and took the full brunt of it. It seemed as though Drakus had won. As he was about to warp back to his Realm, his portal closed around his hand, cutting it off. It was Zephyz. She was standing over the heavily wounded Dramae in tears. But, it was no longer the Zephyz we know. One of her arms was red and black, she had one large horn on one side of her head, and both a Demonic wing and an Angelic wing.

Drakus - "You're no longer Zephyz, are you little girl? You met with the banished one and learned his power. But, can you wield it without crushing your own Soul?"

Zephyz spoke with a voice that was a combination of her own and a Demon.

Zephyz - "This isn't your time to talk, traitor. You're in my domain now."

At that she faded out. The beautiful jungle started withering. GIant rock spires started shooting out of the ground, replacing the dead trees. The sky turned a disturbing shade of red and green, and the moon began crumbling.

Drakus - "What manner of power is this?! You can devour a Realm just on a whim, not even thinking about what the outcome will be?!"

Zephyz - "You do the same. I have devoured the Soul of every being in the Realm. All of them, except yours. And I want your Soul."

With that, she faded in in front of Drakus. She was too slow at drawing her weapon, and Drakus stabbed her in the stomach. After that, he used the Thousand Swords of the Slayer Spell, and stabbed her a seemingly infinite number of times before she reacted. Her reaction was not as he planned. She dropped to her knees, screaming a terrifying scream that started giving Drakus a headache.

Drakus - "Shut up, useless woman!"

He kicked her into a rock spire where she sat motionless for a moment or two and then got up. She stared at him for a long time, and Drakus' expression started growing uneasy. She began crying blood as she grabbed her head in agony. She kneeled down again, but this time, she stopped screaming quickly and stood back up. Drakus was a bit scared after all this.

Zephyz - "Do you know why I have these nightmares inside my head? I don't know, do you? I can't see the exit to this hell. I can't wake up. Where am I again? Why is Dramae on the ground like that? Why do you have a Sword out? Why is the world nothing but fire and ashes?"

Drakus - "Shut up! I'm sick of your foolishness!"

He launched his Soul Crush Spell again, but it had no effect.

Drakus - "W-w-what are you!?"

Zephyz looked at her feet for a moment, and looked to her sides. She looked at the blood that had gotten on her hand and she looked back at Drakus.

Zephyz - "Don't you know you can't crush something that doesn't exist?"

Drakus jumped back, barely dodging Zephyz' claw attack.

Zephyz - "Do you know the power of the banished one?"

Drakus stood silently, preparing for the worst.

Zephyz - "Since you don't know, then I'll show you. It's pretty strange, y'know?"

At that moment, she took a huge breath, took on the stance of someone using the Fire Storm Spell, charged it for a while...

Drakus - "A simple Fire Storm can't hurt me, foolish girl! You forget, I'm an Elder God!"

Then it happened. She let loose the loudest roar, making Drakus drop to the ground. Every single rock spire in visual range were seen to explode violently. Drakus tried to get to his feet to stop her, but the sheer force of the roar kept him pinned to the ground. The ground below Zephyz began to shatter, showing nothing but the Between. When she had finished, Drakus got to his feet, but as he was about to chop of her arm, he felt a paralyzing blast hit his back with astonishing force. It was Dramae. He finally woke up, and used a Supernova Spell on Drakus' back. Drakus dropped to the ground, but finally got the power to warp out, and did so. However, he didn't make it far. His teleport was force to lead to Destinyscape. While he figured out where he was, Dramae and Zephyz had a talk.

Dramae - "Zephyz, are you okay?"

Zephyz - "Stay away, Demon! Or I'll kill you right now!"

Zephyz pulled out her Poison Edge Sword, and stabbed Dramae, but he remained calm and collected. He reached out towards Zephyz, who pulled away the best she could. When they finally came in contact, a massive shockwave surged from the two Gods, restoring the Realm, and erasing the Demonic features on Zephyz' body. She fell forward as the Demonic influence left her body, and Dramae caught her.

Dramae - "It's alright, Zephyz. I won't hurt you."

Zephyz - "It's my fault that this happened... If I didn't contact Drakus back during my withdrawl from the Realm, none of this would have happened..."

Dramae - "Do you think I care? Of course the decay of the Realm has had an effect on me..."

Dramae glanced at his right arm, and looked in the opposite direction, as if to avoid remembering something.

Dramae - "But, this whole ordeal has made the two of us stronger."

Zephyz - "You should just banish me...I started following the teachings of Skril' Astriloth because I was afraid to let you get hurt again..."

Dramae - "You know very well I could never do that. After all, the Realms would be boring without you. And, what of Medasz and Harral? I know it may sound weird, but Harral is always asking how you're doing. And Medasz is always worried about you, as well as me. I couldn't banish you, even if I tried."

Zephyz buried her face in his chest, crying. Dramae sighed.

Dramae - "You do realize there's no reason to cry. You don't need Demonic powers to protect me."

She looked up at him, as if questioning that statement.

Dramae - "It's my job to protect you. And to protect everyone who lives in this system. They all depend on me, not you. Don't think it's the end of the world. Because it's not. Drakus will be nothing but a memory soon."

Zephyz - "You're right...I should stop crying. But, I still feel horrible for all this."

Dramae - "You did what you had to in order to accomplish something. Love is worth fighting for."

Zephyz offered a half smile, and turned to look at Drakus' portal to the Destinyscape Realm.

Zephyz - "Are you ready to finish this? The others are probably waiting for our return."

Dramae - "By the way, Zephyz, was it you that warped me and Drakus here a while ago?"

Zephyz - "Yeah. I saw you two break through the ground and fall into the dark depths. I had to save you, even if it meant saving him, too."

Dramae smiled.

Dramae - "Thanks. You're less of a sassy little brat then you used to be."

She punched him, jokingly, and began walking towards the portal.

Dramae - "Think you can handle it?"

Zephyz - "I'm not weak, if that's what you're asking."

Dramae - "Heh. Just one thing before we step through. I have one thing you must do at all costs."

Zephyz - "And that is?"

Dramae looked at his feet as he approached the portal.

Dramae - "Don't die."

Zephyz chased after him, through the portal.

As they arrived on the remains of what used to be the Janni Camp, Drakus was sucking the life from Harral. Medasz propped himself up, reached for Harral just as Drakus stomped on his neck.

Drakus - "What do you not understand about "Stay down?" You can't save him even if you tried, you useless smith. I suggest you give up. Your friends aren't coming to save you."

Dramae - "What was that, Drakus? Sorry, but I'm getting bored of your petty insults. Can we get to the fighting already?"

Drakus - "How unlike you. But, yes, we can fight now."

Drakus raised his fist to punch Dramae, but he was gone.

Drakus - "Running away? Do you finally realize how weak you a-"

Dramae had snuck up behind him and stabbed him with a sword that Dramae didn't even know he had. Drakus turned back, and landed a heavy kick to Dramae's lower stomach, knocking him back several feet. Zephyz took the opportunity and transformed back into a Demon, bit Drakus' neck and ripped his chest open.

Drakus - "Arghh! Zephyz... You useless WRETCH!"

He kicked her with serious force, and as she hit a decrepit wall a good 20 feet away, she spat up blood, and fell over.

Drakus - "I don't understand how you put up with her, Dramae. She's so annoying. One more thing: why would you settle for such an ugly pig? I almost vomitted all over her the first time I saw her."

Dramae - "Don't talk about her like that..."

Drakus - "Oh? What're you gunna do about it? I'm afraid you've lost this war. I own this Realm now. And there's nothing you can do to take it back from a God who controls emptiness itself."

??? - "Says you."

Drakus - "What-"

Before he knew it, the mysterious figure had impaled Drakus from every possible angle.

??? - "I'm afraid your cockiness will lead to your demise. Even if it doesn't, I'm the Lord of the Lost. I rule what cannot be seen, felt or heard. I rule the domain that you claim is your own. And I'm sick of having to share this with you. Now, say goodbye to your friends, Drakus..."

All Drakus could do was utter a small grunt, and a moment after, the figure used Blackhole to get rid of him.

Dramae - "Wh-who are you?"

??? - "It's me, Enigma. The TRUE Lord of the Lost. In truth, I couldn't wait until you got into a fight with him. While he was busy killing you slowly, I'd have my chance to use my Thousand Lost Blades on him. By the way, he isn't dead. There's only one way to kill a God of his caliber. With your power. The battle isn't over, you'll still have to fight him, but he's out of his element and will be easier to weaken. Once weakened, delete him."

Dramae - "Thanks, Engima, and if you could, tend to our fallen."

Enigma - "Please...Don't use the word "Thanks"... Positivity saps at my power. Anyways, the Realm is in critical condition, meaning we'll have to...Purge it..."

Apparently Medasz had heard Enigma say this, and propped himself up again and exclaimed: "WHAT!?"

Enigma - "Yes. That's right. If you look around, you'll see that Drakus' darkness is spreading like a wildfire, killing and devouring everything. You must complete the mass exodus, remove everyone from the Realm, and you must delete it, and create a new one. It's the only option at this point."

Medasz - "But, Enigma, isn't there anything else? We've worked so hard to keep this Realm alive!"

Dramae - "I'm afraid it's right. I can feel my very Soul being pulled at by his influence. It must be done... Medasz, tend to Zephyz. Enigma, prepare a gateway for the final assault. And Harral..."

Harral - "Lemme guess. You need my help to take down Drakus."

Dramae - "No. Get everyone out of the Realm. Medasz and Zephyz will help you with that. I have to fight Drakus alone."

Medasz began patching up Zephyz and Harral, Enigma started creating the portal and Dramae was preparing himself for the final battle.

Enigma - "Chances are he's set up some sort of defense to keep you out. He's also probably using the Whisperer to warp logic in there. You may find yourself disadvantaged."

Dramae - "I can manage."

Medasz had finished patching up the wounded Gods, and Zephyz began healing everyone. Dramae turned towards the tired bunch and gave what he thought might be his final words.

Dramae - "Now, guys... If I don't make it back, I want you to go to the station of awakening, climb the steps... And activate the orb inside. Medasz, you'll be in charge of the new Realm, Zephyz, try not to cause him any grief... And Harral-"

Harral - "Don't ever say the words "If I don't make it back." They don't suit you. If you're going to die today, why not make it a party. I'm gunna hollow out that bastard's body and use it as a wash tub! He is gunna RUE THE DAY HE MADE ME ANGRY!"

Harral let out an explosion, before growing two pair of wings. But, they weren't what you'd expect. He had both a pair of Angel and Demon wings.


Dramae shook his head and started laughing. The others were laughing as well, except for Enigma who was just watching. You could tell by the look on Enigma's face that he was thinking about this very deeply.

Enigma - "Perhaps you've finally done it."


Enigma - "No, no, no. You've done what Raptoris had planned for you both all along. Harral, you were always one to use Darkness. And you were good at it, too. But, Raptoris wanted you also use and master Light as well. You two are supposed to replace him."

Zephyz - "Replace him? What is he leaving?"

Dramae - "I see what he's saying. I didn't want to believe it at first, but I guess it's true. You see, me and Harral alone can't kill Drakus, only someone who is the exact opposite of him could... Meaning..."

Medasz - "Wait, why can't you two kill him?"

Harral - "It's complicated. It has something to do with... Uhh... Hey, Dramae, I've gotta go, ummm... To the... To take a leak! I'll be right back, explain it for me, will yah?"

Harral ran behind a nearby boulder, still listening to the others. Dramae sighed and took it upon himself to explain.

Dramae - "Each God, no matter what level of power, has certain rules they can bend. The stronger the God, the crazier they can bend them. Drakus has bent them to the point of almost breaking them. No God can be invincible, but they can be close to it. He has made it so only Raptoris can actually kill him. Anyone else who tries will find that his flesh will stop any attack dead in it's tracks."

Harral came back slightly more peppy than he was before.

Harral - "So, what'd I miss?"

Zephyz and Medasz broke out laughing, Dramae facepalmed, and Enigma was playing with a loose string on his pant leg.

Harral - "Ummm...What? What is it? WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING!?"

Harral tackled Medasz, and they started rolling about, punching each other. Dramae knew they were just playing, but he responded with a harsh "FOCUS YOU MORONS!". Medasz and Harral sprung to their feet.

Harral - "So... Anyways... I want to tell you, you're not going alone. I don't care if you banish me, you're not fighting alone."

Medasz - "Yeah, I'm not letting you go alone either. I've helped you since the beginning. We're more than just friends. We're brothers now, and your little brother is going with you."

Zephyz - "I'm not letting you die. Not on my watch. He's gunna pay for even putting a scratch on you. I'm going to cut off his legs and arms, beat him with them, rip off his fingernails and scoop out his eyeballs with them, and then force him to eat them, THEN I'LL RIP OUT HIS INSIDES AND STRANGLE HIM WITH THEM!"

Dramae - "Calm down. You'll get your revenge, but just wait a little while. Drakus isn't going anywhere, and neither am I. We're taking him down."

Enigma - "The portal is nearly ready. Oh, one thing... Have you guys noticed something to your left?"

The group looked left, and all of the surviving Lesser Gods and some of the Realm's finest were there. A total of fourteen people and creatures.The Knight Valor, Skhilor Ikhram, The Grand Magus Laren, The Black Dragon Kings, Seiyrg the Dragon God, and a few new faces. One of them was wearing ice as Armor, another was a well known, wealthy and intelligent Vulcan lord. The troop looked very odd as a team. Beings who would usually be tearing each other apart are working together.

Death stepped up, and spoke some words of support.


The one wearing the ice Armor spoke up in a hollow, almost evil sounding voice with no emotion.

Cold Warrior - "I am honored to be here, Lord Dramae. It has been quite an amusing journey, living here, watching the Realm progress. I'd be honored to join you in your final assault. Live or die, this will be a battle worth remembering."

Seiyrg - "I know that there has been some... Tense moments between you and I, Dramae. But, in the end, I'm still here to fight for the Realm. You aren't, and never will be alone. Oh, and Schalos sends her regards."

The Knight Valor - "Hey, I still owe yah for that one time you saved my ass from those Vulcans when I was younger. This oughta pay it off, and then some!"

Dramae glanced at the bizarre bunch, smiled, then looked back at Enigma, who was sitting on the ground eating some sort of fruit.

Dramae - "Uhh... Enigma, is the portal fini-"

Enigma quickly raised his hand, as to singal Dramae to stop speaking. He took another bite, and looked up at Dramae.

Enigma - "Be patient. Creating a portal to a plane that doesn't actually exist is quite demanding. I'm simply reconstituting myself after using much of my power. Take a break Dramae, as you yourself said: "Drakus isn't going anywhere." So calm down."

Dramae sat down, and seemed to slip into deep thought. Harral was still in a bit of a fit over his wings. Medasz was patching up some wounds he hadn't seen on Zephyz. Zephyz was staring at Dramae, and almost seemed on the verge of tears. The rest of the team who had just arrived were all chatting with each other to ease the boredom. Medasz finally broke the silence of the four Gods, but it was only audible to Zephyz.

Medasz - "I can see you're deeply worried about Dramae. I can see it in your eyes."

Zephyz - "Yeah... I'm scared something will happen to him... Because when it does..."

Medasz - "You'll go berserk again, right?"

Zephyz - "Yeah. When I did the last time, it felt like I was two different people at once. The real me was watching from a distance, seeing the pure evil being that was my actual body."

Medasz - "I know the feeling."

Zephyz turned towards him.

Medasz - "I used to be like you. I'd break out into a demonic rage. Nothing could stop me. I used to be just as powerful and famous back on Wintergreen as The Knight Valor is. But, no one knew that behind this killing machine was a scared little child. I saw myself as a demon. I'd kill anyone just for the satisfaction of killing them. But, when my rage subsided, I saw the mess I'd caused, and I would cry until I was unable to cry tears anymore. So I decided I would try to change. I used my rage to make some of the best armor on Wintergreen. I eventually became famous as a smith, and even caught the attention of a God. That God was Dramae. He was traveling, searching for a team of young Gods to help make a Realm."

Zephyz - "So... What you're saying is I could try to use my rage in a constructive way? But, I have no idea what I'd do..."

Medasz - "I think you could make some new creatures. Some strange ones, ideas no one's ever had before. With the power to create life, there's so much you can do."

Zephyz - "Thanks for the pep talk, Medasz. It's hard to find people like you."

Medasz - "You'd be surprised. Dramae has a secret past that he doesn't like to talk about. Harral is extremely troubled, and you already know my story."

Enigma jumped up, threw the remains of the fruit behind him and began working on the portal again.

Dramae - "I hope you guys are ready for this- Wait, what's that?!"

An object was falling from the sky, but nobody knew what it was. It was giving off a gray light, and was traveling towards the team at breakneck speed. It almost hit Harral, who jumped out of the way just in time. The Gods looked in the crater when the dust had cleared, and it wasn't an object. It was a person, specifically Raptoris.

Raptoris - "Hey guys. I thought I might drop in for the final battle. This has escalated far more than you believe, Dramae. I did some research, and apparently, Drakus isn't the only "Void God". There are many others attempting to destroy other systems. We've gotta exterminate these bastards and then return everything to the way it was."

Dramae - "Wow... This just keeps getting better and better."

Engima - "It is done. You may enter the Whisper now. But, be careful. The Whisper will both sap at your very life force, and test the limits of your sanity. It will not cross the line, but it will make you a disaster waiting to happen. I'll stay here and keep the portal open, the rest of you, good luck."

The team mentally prepared themselves, and entered. Inside they saw nothing but a red-gray "sky" and countless Souls.

Harral - "So... This is the Whisper. Not much to see, now is it?"

As they stepped forward, they realized there was no definitive ground, or logic for that matter. There were some stray floating buildings, but they were sucked in by a singularity, which in turn exploded and a fortress came out of it.

Raptoris - "That's where we have to go."

Raptoris pointed to a tower on the fortress. The tower was cut off by an energy field and there was nothing on the other side of it.

Raptoris - "He's trying to make it hard for us. No doubt he has extra defenses, too."

They approached the fortress only for it to break into small peices and reassemble into another form. Medasz preapred his Armor and Sword, and led the charge. Harral and Zephyz weren't far behind, and the rest of the troop followed behind them. Dramae and Raptoris stayed back, surveying the situation.

Dramae - "What should we expect from this place, Raptoris?"

Raptoris - "The unexpected. Anything and everything will happen. Once inside, go alone. Do not trust any living being you see. Even your friends. The Whisper can create images based on your memories. It'll try to kill you and me, but should leave the others be, since we're the strongest. Also... Once inside... Avoid me at all costs. This place will pick away at my sanity, and may push me over the edge. If that happens, you'll all be in grave danger. Just push on and avoid anything that lives."

Dramae - "Got it. Let's go."

Dramae and Raptoris enetered the main hall.

Raptoris - "I'll take the right hallway, you take the left."

As they split up, Dramae seemed a bit troubled. He continued down the hall, until it led into an open room with a large building inside.

Dramae - "This can't be right... We're not in Wintergreen... So why are the Archives here?"

Dramae walked inside the Archives, and immediately found himself surrounded by Demons. He pulled his Sword, but they ran right through him, into the crowd of citizens and scholars, butchering them and stealing books. Dramae looked around the Archives, until he came to a corner where nothing had happened. A small child was cowering there, crying. The child had a necklace with a seven-pointed star, just like Dramae's.

Dramae - "Is that... Me?"

The child ran off, towards the door, but a Demon burst through it, and attempted to kill the child. The Demon couldn't do much as the child started attacking it. The child drew a small Sword, sliced the Demon's legs, and as it dropped to the ground, he stabbed it in the throat. The child seemed mortified at the fact it had just killed another being, and dropped the Sword. Covered in Demon blood, the child stared at his hands, crying out of fear.

Dramae - "Th-that can't be... Raptoris was right. This place is messing with my memories... I've gotta stay focused."

Dramae ran out the doors of the Archives to escape his memory. He had no clue that what he was seeing when he left the Archives was another memory. The memory of when he punished his fellow Gods. The other Dramae had just arrived at the scene of the fight, he pulled his Godsword out and cut a swathe into the landscape, crushing both of the opposing armies instantly. This attack also crippled the two warring Gods, and as the other Dramae sent them to their punishment, the original Dramae saw what his face had looked like back then. He was crying. Dramae was crying as he sent the two into the pits of despair.

Dramae - "Focus! Focus! FOCUS!"

Dramae started pounding his head to get himself to come to his senses. He began walking on more, ignoring the memories as they played themselves out. He passed many, the time when he punished Zephyz, the time when Zephyz saved him in the battle against Drakus, the time when he interrupted Drakus' torture session, and the time right before they entered the portal. He entered a doorway, which led to another room of memories. The first depicting moments before they enter the fort, then his reactions to the first memory... Then it showed him in the second room, at the exact spot where he was. He then entered the next room. This was much more sinister. He saw himself being ripped apart by a large Demon, then he saw the Realm covered in black fire. He opened the last door, which led into a small room. He saw the dead bodies of Harral, Zephyz and Medasz. Raptoris was standing over them, laughing. Raptoris was holding his Dramae's Godsword, and it was covered in blood. Raptoris had two large wings that were neither Angel, nor Demon. They were fleshy, and were covered in pulsating veins and large eyeballs.

Dramae - "What is happening to me?!"

Dramae dropped to his knees. As Dramae tried to wrap his mind around the situation, he didn't notice the large Demon right behind him.

??? - "Dramae! Look out!"

A Sword came flying out of nowhere, struck the Demon in the forehead, killing it instantly. As it turns out, the voice was Zephyz.

Zephyz - "Dramae! Are you all right?"

She dropped to her knees and tried to hug him, but he pulled himself out of her grasp.

Dramae - "You're not Zephyz! You're ust another memory! The Whisper! It speaks to our minds, forcing us to see our memories played out! THEN IT PREDICTS THE FUTURE AND KILLS US ALL!"

As Dramae had his moment, Zephyz became more and more angry with him.

Dramae - "Get away from me, I know what you want! You want to KILL ME! YOU EVIL WI-"

Zephyz slapped him, grabbed his head and yelled:


She slapped him again and dropped him to the ground.

Zephyz - "Pull it together, Dramae. You're not dying here today. And neither am I."

Dramae, out of breath, looked up at Zephyz, smiled and got to his feet.

Dramae - "Thanks for that, Zephyz. Wanna come with me?"

Zephyz - "Sure. It's probably safer if we go together."

The duo walked through the next door, into a hallway adorned with faces hanging from the ceiling... Which was mildly disturbing. But, as a team, they felt they could overcome anything, and they kept on walking. Through the mildy disturbing hallway was a small empty room. Dramae felt it was familiar, but couldn't place it.

Dramae - "I think we should rest in here for a little while."

Zephyz - "Good idea!"

They sat down, but both avoided looking at each other. From the doorway across where they came in from, they heard footsteps. Dramae scrambled to his feet, readied his Sword and opened the door to find... Harral and Medasz.

Harral - "I didn't LITERALLY mean you two need to get a room."

Medasz laughed, but Zephyz and Dramae weren't very amused.

Harral - "Sorry. But, anways... Any luck finding a way up?"

Dramae - "No, not yet. I think this place is constantly changing, so that's why we're having trouble."

The group heard footsteps once more. This time, the entire group was alert, and ready for action. It was Raptoris this time.

Dramae - "This is bad..."

Medasz - "How?"

Dramae - "Raptoris said to stay away from him at ALL costs. Now we've got a problem. A big problem."

Raptoris had his blade out, and slowly approached the group.

Raptoris - "I'm cold... I think I'll make a jacket out of you!"

Raptoris ran at them. Harral braced for impact, Zephyz held onto Dramae, and Medasz stood in front of the two. Then it happened.

Harral - "Y-you bastard... A l-li-little... C-cut... Ain't gunna... Knock... Me... D-down..."

Harral fell to the ground, bleeding profusely. Zephyz went to tend to him, but Raptoris swung at her, keeping her back.

Dramae - "Guys, get down."

Medasz and Zephyz ducked as Dramae cast an unknown spell.

Dramae - "You wanna play crazy? LET'S PLAY CRAZY!"

Dramae blasted out a huge area, making somewhat of an arena. He cast a Meganova spell on himself, causing him to glow. He pulled out his Godsword, split it into two, spun them rapidly before jumping into a fighting stance. Raptoris ran at him to attack, but Dramae let out a whirlwind, and knocked him back. Raptoris ran at him once again, landed a single good hit, but it wasn't worth getting close to Dramae. Dramae rapidly struck him, giving Raptoris no time to block, or escape after each. Raptoris, after he recovered, ran at Dramae with a Nova spell charged in each hand, but Dramae was already three steps ahead. Dramae did a harmless blastback spell, then fired hundreds of Godswords at Raptoris. Raptoris dropped to his knees, and just before he fell on his face, Dramae said: "Don't play crazy. It doesn't suit you.". And at that, Raptroris fell.

Dramae - "Medasz, here's your Spark back."

Dramae tossed the Spark of Creation to Medasz, who fumbled it, but recovered. The team knew what had to be done. Dramae prepared Holy Light and Medasz siphoned it to make a Seal to keep Raptoris at bay. They then immediately ran to the aid of Harral, who was still bleeding out.

Harral - "D-don't worry... I-I u-u-used my M-Magic to create mo-more blood..."

Zephyz - "Dramae, his Mana is dangerously low. He needs more than just my healing. If he goes any lower..."

Dramae - "I know. Medasz, prepare a Mana Siphon for me."

Medasz - "WHAT!? Dramae, I can't let you do that."

Dramae - "If you don't do it, Harral will die. And it'll be your fault. Do it."

Medasz prepared a Mana Siphon to drain Mana from Dramae and plant it into Harral.

Zephyz - "You don't have to do this. Let me do it, I ca-"

Dramae - "Shut up, Zephyz! You can't do it! You just can't... I can't risk the both of you..."

Zephyz stepped back, began tearing up squeezed Medasz when the Siphon began. Mana began rushing out of Dramae's body at a rapid rate, enough to make him scream in pain. The surge hit Harral hard, too, forcing him to start shaking violently. The Siphon stopped, and Dramae fell to the ground. Harral forced himself to his feet, using Medasz as a crutch. Zephyz was already by Dramae's side, tending to his traumatized body.

Zephyz - "Dramae? Dramae, answer me!"

Dramae groaned, propped himself up and looked at Zephyz, then quickly to Harral, then fell back in relief.

Zephyz - "Don't ever do that again!"

Dramae - "Love is worth dying for."

Dramae stood up and started moving farther into the fortress. The others followed close behind. They approached a door with an eyeball on it. As they got close, chains emerged from it to block the way, but Dramae simply punched it and the door shattered. Medasz and Zephyz looked at each other with worried looks on their faces as they entered the room. It was a broken staircase, with parts floating everywhere.

Dramae - "Do your finest, Medasz."

Medasz - "You got it. Harral, can you walk?"

Harral nodded, and Medasz let go of him. Medasz approached the staircase and used the Spark to put it together.

??? - "Look who found the way in."

Everyone turned around to see Raptoris standing in the doorway. Dramae stepped in front of the others.

Raptoris - "Heh. Don't worry. I'm all good now. I just had a little mental breakdown, that's all."

Zephyz - "That "breakdown" almost killed both Harral AND Dramae."

Raptoris - "Let's go. I'm almost positive we're near the throne room."

Zephyz gave him the evil eye for ignoring her, but he didn't see that either. They ascended the stairs, leading into the energy field.

Raptoris - "Before we enter, there's something you all need to know. Past this field, logic is non-existent. You'll find that your spells will do different things, and even your own eyes will trick you. Be ready."

The team jumped through the field, and into a throne room. Drakus was there, but he wasn't who he was before. He spoke with a combination of his voice and the Whisperer's.

Drakus - "Look who finally showed up. I was afraid you weren't going to make it."

Dramae - "Say another word, and I swear..."

Drakus - "You're spells are useless here. I disabled the use of Mana in here. You're nothing now."

Dramae - "That's what you think. Medasz, NOW!"

Medasz used the Spark, but Drakus took it.

Drakus - "Pffttt... HAHAHAHAAAA!"

Dramae smiled, and as he did, the Spark transformed into a small orb and sucked Drakus in.

Dramae - "Raptoris, do your work."

Raptoris took the orb and teleported the entire team and the rest that was wandering about out of the Whisper. They arrived in the Golden Palace, at the Station of Awakening. Raptoris cast a quick spell on the orb and Dramae activated the superweapon.

Dramae - "I call upon the grand powers of the Ancient of Emptiness... Guunm Uurornii Skhilor!"

A third eye grew on Dramae's forehead, and opened. It started leaking a black liquid which formed into a hand. It took the orb, dyed it black, then smashed it. The eye disappeared, and the remnants of the orb grew larger, then collapsed on themselves, causing an effect similar to a failed Meganova Gem. The energy flowed into Dramae, and he began glowing. A ball of light engulfed him, and when he emerged, he had four wings. One Angelic, one Demonic, one fleshy wing and one metal wing. Representing the four corners of the Moral Compass: Good, Evil, Balance and Void. He stood there with his eyes closed for a moment, and when he opened his white glowing eyes he said:

Dramae - "I declare this war..."

He pulled out his Godsword, and stabbed it into the slot where it belongs in the center spire.

Dramae - "Over."

A few weeks later, the exodus was complete. The Gods began saying their final goodbyes when an idea struck Dramae.

Dramae - "There's no need to say goodbye to the Realm. I have an idea... Raptoris, get Enigma."

Raptoris did so, and when Enigma arrived, he already knew that Dramae's idea would pique his interest.

Dramae - "You know how you wanted the Void when the war was over? I've got a better deal. You hand over a certain artifact, and I give you this Realm. It'll soon become part of the void, so why not?"

Enigma - "Interesting deal... You've become quite good at this, Dramae. I'll have to take you up on that offer. Now, come to my fortress, we'll chat there. Everyone else, leave. Dramae already has plans to make a new Realm. Oh, and he's adopting the name "Destinyscape Zetacraft" from here. This place will be called "The Land of the Lost"."

Both Enigma and Dramae left, but the rest stayed a while longer.

Zephyz - "Wow... I thought he was just strong, but he's smart, too..."

Raptoris - "Please tell me you're talking about Dramae..."

Medasz - "Nah. I'm pretty sure..."

Zephyz - "Medasz, shut it!"

Harral - "Heh. Typical Zephyz. Bratty to the absolute limit."

All of them but Zephyz broke out into laughter, while she gave them all the evil eye.

Elsewhere in the Destiny System...

Dramae - "So, where is it?"

Enigma - "Right over here. You know how it works?"

Dramae - "Yeah. Been researching it ever since I was a kid."

Enigma - "Alright then, it's a deal?"

They shook hands, finalizing the deal. Dramae warped out, and into the Between. The others were already waiting at the coordinates.

Dramae - "You guys ready? I'll make the plane itself, and you guys start working."

Zephyz - "No problem!"

Harral - "Been waitin' for this..."

Medasz - "Just like old times, eh, Dramae?"

Dramae - "Yeah. Well... Let's do this!"

Dramae took the Spark of Creation, and used it to amplify a strange spell. A massive orb appeared in front of the group.

Dramae - "Ancient of Existence... I beseech thee... Grant me the ability to create existence itself... Calcifuur Glacius Uurornii Rkonkria! Rhaha Skhilor! URNGOL!"

The orb expanded, forcing the Gods into it. Once inside, nothing but a seemingly infinite world of gray nothingness stood before them. Zephyz was over by Dramae, who was on the ground.

Medasz - "Zephyz. He's alright. He was forced into a deep sleep because of the power he used up. Let's make this one damn good Realm for him when he wakes up."

Harral - "I second that. I'll try to learn how t use the power of Light for him. Hey, Zephyz, I have a goal for you: Stop being a brat!"

Zephyz tackled him, brushed herself off and began casting a Life spell. Medasz began creating the land and water, and Harral began moving the people to the habitable areas of the new Realm.

Some things will be the same, others will be slightly more interesting. Only time will tell. This is the true end of the Third God War. Destinyscape will experience general peace once more.