The swamps of Witherwood are a sprawling wasteland of murky water, perpetual fog, and an occasional dead tree. The region is well known for rumors surrounding it, most of which refer to the idea that you'll disappear if you enter, or the swamp will swallow you.

The waters of this region are moderately acidic, and on contact will leave your skin irritated. However, remaining in said water for extended periods of time can cause great damage to your body. Despite this, the Lurkers who wander this region seem to experience no issues with the acidic waters.

In addition to the acidic water, the region is covered with a dense fog, which almost entirely blocks out the sun. This gives the area a look of perpetual nighttime, or near-nighttime.

Very few wild animals live here. Between the acidic water and the Lurkers, they do a decent job of keeping the swamps life-free.