The Rock Roach Caverns are a colossal system of caves, tunnels and caverns honeycombing vast areas underneath the Westerlands, Zariaha and Sandscar. The Caverns are populated with an equally colossal amount of Rock Roaches, hence the name; Rock Roach Caverns.

The Caverns were originally a large-scale mining operation, at the request of the King of Humankind. It was planned to be a mine that would rival Sandscar's Mithral mines, but failed due to one unforeseen variable: Rock Roach nests. The miners happened upon large Rock Roach nests, due to their explosion-based mining, which were disturbed in the process. 41 miners were reported missing during the incident, and an additional 27 were confirmed dead. The guards were able to cover the escape of the remaining miners, but the operation was deemed a failure. The estimated monetary losses were estimated about 300,000, with many sets of equipment being abandoned, and added to the total losses.

For those brave enough to enter the Caverns, the area is still very rich in minerals, ore and crystal. Most notably, is the abundance of Laevium crystal, and other, less valuable ores. However, once should bring adequate defenses along with their mining equipment, as the area is still patrolled by Rock Roach soldiers.

The Caverns themselves are abnormally cool, compared to other locations at this depth. Local legends say it's caused by the fabled "Ice-Gold Chamber", supposedly located underneath Zariaha, but this hasn't been confirmed. The Research Facility of the Janni Camp believes it may have something to do with the fact that locations close to the core of the Realm often have abnormal conditions. However, this hasn't been confirmed, either.