In a place inescapable, the twins sat, marveling at the monster they allowed to grow.

"But, he was so innocent..."

"Innocence? Or silence, sister?"

Looking out, they saw him. But, he could not see them. For he was not looking. He was looking above himself, to his aspirations. To his demise.

"He did not want to be weak. To be controlled. He annexed himself from us. A silent rebellion, by joining the ones he hated most. But, ridiculed for such things."

"What will he do now?"

"Cause suffering, for it is what he felt. What he feels... What he is."

A body falls from the sky, landing before them, though not harmed.

"What is this place?"

The twins, in unison, speak, as if they know all.

"The Fall of Hyperion, the Final Rest. The place we all go."

"Young one, have you seen the sky?"

The sky, shattered open as if it were glass, showing fewer stars than before.

"A broken sky... Where are the stars?"

"Fallen. We have lost our stars. Though, they are not here. They have been swallowed."

"He cannot be here. They would not allow it. The cosmos themselves will rip themselves apart... I fear the approaching storm, sister..."

"Fear not. We will never lose each other, even if we lose ourselves. Young one, join us."

The trio held each other in a strong embrace, preparing for the worst and hoping for the end. Silent observers watch on from the clouds.

"They are afraid."

"I feel their pain, their fear."

"Why do they fear?"

A stronger presence declares itself.

"They fear the loss of some, not all. They would rather we all die than to have only a few lost in the unreachable."

"We must rid them of their fears."

"I agree. But, how?"

The presence chuckles, as if amused at their confusion.

"I give him what he wants. I've spoken with you already, on this."

"To hope..."

"My friends... There are no certainties in existence nor non-existence. You are not required to live. And you do not need to be allowed to die. Both of those can be taken away from you before you learn what they are. I do not profess to know all. I will not profess so. However, you have not been denied life, and you have not been denied death. Make use of those words, and what they mean. When I cease in this reality, do not cry. Do not become lost in anger. See it, accept it, and use it to live. Strength is not physical or mental, emotional or universal. Strength is strength, my friends. Do not define it."

The presence lifts, as if retiring.

"Do not define it, says he."

He chuckles.

"Yet, he himself is obsessed with definitions."

"He is young, yet older than all of us. Hear his words, the words of one who may cease to be."

A silence born from thought.

"I will hear him."