The Deep Woods is a relatively large forest on the eastern coast of the Mainland. The Deep Woods are quite dense, with many ancient trees still standing, creating near-nighttime conditions below the canopy. This environment makes it ideal for many dark-dwelling creatures to thrive in.

The Deep Woods are the home of countless species of spiders. Most of them are, at least, as large as a small dog. However, spiders aren't the top of the food chain, here. There are larger, and more dangerous stalkers of the dark. Such as a few species of greater apes that dwell here and in the Kotanian Jungles, which are largely resistant or immune to the giant spiders' venom. Needless to say, there are many creatures who dwell here.

The woods are easy to get lost in, if you're not following a path. The darkness combined with the tight-knit undergrowth make it a navigator's nightmare. Given this fact, it's easy to hide things in the woods. And, within hidden groves in the woods, there are a few covens of Dryads and Nature Sprites, the largest being the Center of the Forest.

The Janni Camp sits in a rather centralized location, ever-so-slightly westward, towards the Westerlands, and it acts as a safe haven for those who don't wish to involve themselves with the Gods as much, and prefer a life on the frontier.

There are two major structures that are hard to miss, in the Deep Woods. The White Tower and Durhman's Tower. Both of them are incredibly old, the former acting as a staging ground for cults and such over the years, and the latter is simply an old ruin.

Lastly, the small seasonal town of HELLovale can be found nearer the eastern coast, and acts as a place where festivities hosted by the Gods take place. Unfortunately, what with the recent God Wars taking place, HELLovale has seen much less use.