The Badlands, also called the Southern Badlands, is a chain of five desert islands, south of the Dragon Wilds, the Deadlands and the Sanctum Lands.

The Badlands consists of six different factions, all of which are in a perpetual state of war with each other. Two of the factions consist of Demons, two consist of Humans, one of Dwarves and one of Elves.

Both of the Demons factions are rooted in the central island, where they engage in naval combat with the others, and ground combat with each other. The western fort is called Izzil, and the eastern fort is called Aieuda.

One of the Human factions exists on the eastern-most island, in fort Xatlii, the other exists on the northwestern island, in the fort called Harumas.

The Dwarves are on the northeastern island, in the fort called Garhan.

And, lastly, the Elves are on the western island, in the fort called Varasa.

Most of the factions have forgotten why they're fighting, altogether. However, the Elves haven't forgotten. But, they've been ever so secretive on the matter.