Spiritkin are powerful beings that are much like Humans. However, Spiritkin have the ability to grow up to one thousand times stronger and up to five thousand years. They were brought to the realm by an unknown being, but whoever it was has left their mark.

The Spiritkin were known to build magnificent cities within pocket dimensions. By far, the most notable part of these cities were what they used to power them. Even now, we barely understand the technology used to craft the engines, that generate power out of seemingly nothing. Aside from the engines.

Building cities in pocket dimensions wasn't simply because they wanted to prove their power. It was a necessity. The Spiritkin, early in their race's history, failed to take care of their homeworld. Now, their world is a husk of the once plentiful utopia it once was, filled with only the hardiest of souls, and looters. The Spiritkin, similarly to the Uares, had managed to create the technology to traverse the Void. Because of this, the Spiritkin are spread wide across the cosmos.

The Spiritkin follow the Shaskhi known as Hiuul, the one who had created the first Spiritkin, roughly 13,000 years ago, from the beginning of the Third Age. While she was the one who had originally made them, she does not demand worship, and nor do they follow her strictly. She merely sets guidelines, and gives advice. With this, the Spiritkin crafted a scientific and magical powerhouse of their society, churning out discoveries and progress.

This process continued until the Nightkin, aided by Astrilothian Demons led an assault, in the year 2356, known as the Betrayal at Zakianshin, that would go down in history. Through a strategic oversight, which was a nexus that connects all Spiritkin cities, the Nightkin and the Demons washed over the Spiritkin's world-cities like a monstrous flood, killing millions, and leading to the near destruction of their entire society. The one thing that had saved them, which is a dubious description, at best, was the design of their power generation. The fail-safe on these structures froze their cities in time. Even if they'll never move again, they thought, the Spiritkin will be preserved in time.

A millennium later, many of the cities were unfrozen, and a handful were rescued from their bloody fate, by the Gods of Zeterra. In addition, another city in a similar state was re-discovered and revitalized by a group of adventurers in the year 3015 of the Third Age.

The Spiritkin were also the race that created the Part-Humans. They had originally made over 10 different Part-Human races. However, most were killed off by the Yratians during a four-year war, where the Part-Humans barely fended them off, despite being outnumbered and outmatched.

In DSZC 5, they have 10 HP, 1 STR, 10 Mana, 1 ARM. They learn all Magic faster than other races, and gain more Mana upon leveling up.

The Spiritkin are a Tier 3 Race.