The Village of Silverwood is a small village on the border between the Deep Woods and the Westerlands, with a forked road leading into the Kotanian Jungle and Sandscar to the south, and another forked road to the north that leads to Witherwood and Zariaha. It lies southeast of Harral's Hold, which deters a lot of large-scale movement. Needless to say, SIlverwood gets a lot of traffic as a crossroads town.

It wasn't always like that, however. In the year 2357, of the Second Age, the Village of Silverwood was founded. Spurred on by tension with the Theif Chain Islands, the King of Humankind requested more naval vessels to patrol the seas, and prevent piracy and to stave off impending war. At the time, Silverwood's eventual location was covered in a forest of Silverwood trees. Resilient, strong, and plentiful, they were perfect for shipbuilding. And build ships, they did. Over the span of about 70 years, the Royal City had consumed most of the forest. With the forest mostly depleted of the valuable Silverwood trees, the Royal City left Silverwood Village, significantly reducing its size. Now, it acts, as mentioned before, like a crossroads, seeing a lot of diverse traffic. If it were not for this traffic, the town would be in far more dire circumstances.

Silverwood's location has made it a prime location for attacks from independant military cells. The loss of Silverwood would close down many larger roads, until other routes can be established.