Reapers are incredibly powerful mortals who exert massive control over a single type of Magic. There is only one Reaper for each element, unless there's a Reaper and it's child. In this case, they can co-exist, but the child cannot show any dominance over their Magic until the parent is dead.

Reapers are basically Gods of their Magic, and any attempt to use that Magic against them will result in the Reaper absorbing it. They also have the ability to access a Pocket Dimension based on their Magic. Despite their massive power, they often live like regular Humans, despite looking and acting different.

All Reapers, regardless of Magic, are either mute, or can only make sounds such as guttural noises or screams. However, they possess the ability to communicate directly into the minds of those around them, if they choose.

Reapers usually fall in love with mortals. Their powers do not pass on to their significant other, but their child. Two Reapers are able to have a child, but it's looked down upon as a "mutt", and cannot master either Magic, nor absorb Magic. The children will exhibit strange powers until they inherit their parent's powers. Powers such as precognition, or telepathy. The children also develop quite slowly in the physical sense, but mentally are far beyond that of an adult. Even with this advanced intelligence, they still need to learn like a regular Human. If a Reaper does not have a child before they die, a random newborn in the Realm will gain Reaper status.

Below is a list of the Reapers known publicly.

Fire Reaper

The Fire Reaper is a hostile, angry and brutal person indeed. He's been known to mercilessly kill people; men, women and children with little to no reason. He loves watching people suffer and seems to feed off their pain. He also has no children, and no significant other. The last known person he was with, was eaten by him. He lives in seclusion away from society.

Water Reaper

The Water Reaper is calm, laid back, kind and is even renowned as a healer. She volenteers at local apothecary shops, and has been deemed a master at alchemy. She enjoys playing with the children in her village, and is known to even defend the village with her life. She has no children, and no known sigificant other. She is often bothered by men as she's alone.

Earth Reaper

The Earth Reaper is very irritable, and is quick to jump to conclusions. He is also very insecure, which is why he deploys powerful defenses. He lives in the mobile fortress known as Earthshaker. Inside the giant three-legged tortoise-like stone beast, is another three-legged beast made of crystal. Inside this is the Earth Reaper, wearing his crystal Armor. He wanders the wilds aimlessly, occasionally passing towns and cities. He has no children and no significant other. He's too scared of people to live a public life.

Sky Reaper

The Air Repear is very energetic and happy. Unlike most other Reapers, she's relatively young, at only 14 years old. She loves causing trouble, and has been arrested over 20 times in multiple different towns and cities. Despite her troublesome nature, she's also quite smart. The time she doesn't spend being a troublemaker, she spends at a local library, or testing her Magic. She also spends a lot of time with other Reapers, mostly the Water Reaper. Her parent recently died, passing their power to her. In her eyes, she's too young to think about having a child. However, she does have a close friend who she has identified as male. However, they are only friends. She hasn't disclosed who this person is.

Ice Reaper

The Ice Reaper is much like the Fire Reaper, as in that he likes killing people. It seems that he and the Fire Reaper are in a competition on how many people they can kill. The Ice Reaper is wanted for over 10000 different murders in many different towns and cities. He's very hostile, and is known to kill on sight. He does, in fact, have a child, who is just as heartless as he. However, no significant other has presented themself.

Lightning Reaper

The Lightning Reaper is known to be rash, and is also very apathetic. He is often seen in public, and will go about his business, unless someone speaks to him. In which case, he would most likely kill them. He's also obsessed with eating. He's been seen to run out of general stores with armfulls of goods, with an angry shopkeeper chasing close behind. He doesn't have a child, but he has a significant other, who's never far from his side.

Darkness Reaper

The Darkness Reaper is not as destructive as one would think. He is, however quite dangerous. He isn't afraid to get his hands dirty, as he's assassinated many political figures with no stealth involved. However, he also helps around his village and often tends to livestock or takes care of the elders. On multiple occasions, he's gotten into fights with other Reapers. He has both a child and a significant other. His child is a bit of a troublemaker, but is also kind. His significant other is rather tough on him, calling him out on the many mistakes he makes.

Healing Reaper

The Health Reaper isn't someone who steals peoples' vitality, but someone who restores it. She is much like the Water Reaper, and they often spend time together. She does a lot of healing, especially after large battles. She's well known for her abilities, but because of her status as a Reaper, she's not trusted by many. She doesn't have a child, but, she does have a significant other, who doesn't really care much for her, except for the publicity.

Light Reaper

The Light Reaper is known as cocky and boastful. He's known for his prowess in battle. He's been a powerful ally to many kings and lords. But, the Light Reaper takes almost all of the glory for himself, and is always looking for a way to flaunt his renown. He's constantly hunting other Reapers for being "impure" and sees nothing wrong with killing them, especially the Darkness Reaper. He doesn't have a child, but does have a significant other, who is very kind and loves to help others.

Dragon Reaper

The Dragon Reaper is extremely secretive. Despite being very young, it possesses phenomenal psychic powers, most notably telepathy. However, only a select few can both hear and reply to it, as it projects his telepathic power onto others, allowing them to use it for a moment. It has abilities rivaling almost every other Reaper, and the ability to regenerate it's body.

Nova Reaper

The Nova Reaper is the leader of all the Reapers. She's quiet, understanding and does her best to help those around her. She's also quite powerful, and often settles disputes between other Reapers. She finds it difficult being in public, as people will recognize her right away from the color of her robes. Her renown is her biggest downfall, and people are often disappointed when she doesn't solve problems for a community. She does have a child, who is always being followed by masses of people, but her signiicant other seems to have died just recently.

Reaper of Curses

The Reaper of Curses is a Reaper whose hatred of all life makes him a dangerous weapon. This Reaper, however, cannot move on its own. It's actually a book, a sentient one, who needs a master in order to further it's own secret agenda. However, usually once a single goal is completed, the book devours it's master to increase its power. This Reaper is an object, and cannot age, thus it does not need another being to keep its bloodline going.

Reaper Slayer

While technically a Reaper, the Reaper Slayer acts as a trump card against the other Reapers. Slayer Magic is typically used to defeat very specific kinds of opponents, and the Slayer Reaper is no exception to this rule.