The only part of this region that could marginally be considered safe for travellers would be the town of Pilfenboro, located near the northern shore of the Mainland.

Pilfenboro is a town about the size of the Janni Camp, in terms of population, mostly inhabited by outcasts, such as those with strange diseases or those who lack any sense of normalcy. Pilfenboro's population density is fairly low, with the town sprawling for about a mile. The town has a rather large community of more civilized Vampires, and Wights that have managed to hold onto their sense of self.

In addition, it's one of the only places on the Realm that has a facility designed to care for the Soulless, which is operated by a few of the more upstanding residents. The Soulless, which have usually been reduced to a state of non-functionality, often unable to even feed themselves, are well looked after by the aforementioned residents.

The town has no major deity that they follow. Instead, they follow a Falkyr. This Falkyr's name is Ojokah'Dei. Ojokah'Dei is known as the Pestilential One, a patron saint of those who suffer from or attempt to inflict disease. Ojokah-Dei also acts as a guiding force in the town, making many of the administrative decisions.

Almost all residents of Pilfenboro fervently worship Ojokah'Dei. As such, they give many gifts to it. Ojokah'Dei, thanks to the residents, wields a halberd the people call "Ojokah's Hand", which is also the symbol of Pilfenboro.