Magical devices, quite simply, are devices that use Magic to function, move Mana, or affect their surroundings in a way using Magic.

This is a quickly progressing field, with new discoveries happening and new technology coming and going.

Magic devices are divided in groups, determined by their functions and on which scale they operate.

Domestic Magical Devices

These items typically consist of things that the average person may use or see in their daily lives.

Personal Mana-Net Receivers

Every day, the Mana-Net and the technology behind it is growing more advanced. Slowly, more and more people are gaining access to personal Mana-Net receivers. However, these publicly released versions are highly basic, allowing only short-ranged connections to other receivers.

Magical Implements

Basic magical tools, such as writing utensils, welding tools, surgical tools and other such fields are seeing increased use of these valuable and effective tools. Most of them run off of the wielder's Mana, but take so little Mana to run that it often seems negligible.

Industrial-Grade Devices

For the most part, many older types of industrial equipment have been phased out for the cheaper, longer lasting, Magic equivalents.

Magic Blast Furnaces

With the implementation of Magic tools of many varieties, most of said tools require metals unlike iron to run efficiently. One of the most common, and also the cheapest, metals to use in this instance is Mithral. Mithral's innate magical properties make it invaluable in the construction of magical tools. And, at the rate Mithral is needed, it's only appropriate that the furnaces used to make it would be upgraded. Instead of using conventional smelting methods, these metallurgic marvels use Mana to heat the furnace to extreme temperatures, use Mana to keep the furnace intact, and produce high-grade, high-yield Mithral. They're not cheap to run, however, often requiring multiple arrays of Mana generators.

Mana Generator

Mana generators are becoming more and more common. They effectively use the flow of electricity to disrupt the matter of a medium, generating Mana.