Mana-Net is a network of Data Magic stations, substations and relays, allowing long distance communication. For the average person, Mana-Net is a very expensive service.


Mana-Net can transport information to other receivers via the aforementioned system. This includes information in the form of data values, such as numbers or words. However, this is the most basic feature. Mana-Net can also transfer audio, still images and live visual feeds.

Data Magic is highly expensive to use, and with the Mana-Net server up every second of every day, costs skyrocket. The reason its so expensive is due to the generators supplying the Mana to the server. Currently, the generators are supplying enough for most of the current members to be accessing a Mana-Net console at once. Research is currently being done to make it less expensive, however, advances are few and far between.


Many different databases exist, each, obviously, with their own specialty. Most are merchant databases, owned and run by merchant guilds. However, some large guilds or other groups use Mana-Net to communicate with their individual cells in the field. Databases are built by order from the different guilds, as Data Magic is a rare art.

Personal Mana-Net Relay Device

The Personal Mana-Net Relay Device is a smaller version of a normal relay station. It functions by locating the nearest relay, substation or station and sends the signal through it, unless the target is also using one of these devices. In which case, it will directly contact the other device, depending on if they're close enough. Radiation and solid objects slow down or completely stop data for this device.