Lesser Gods are usually Gods being trained by Greater Gods or beings that gained enough power to be proclaimed a God. They lack the power and training it takes to be a Greater God.

Lesser Gods have anywhere near 1 million Mana and 1 billion Mana.


Enigma is a god similar to Raptoris. Enigma is a broken peice of him, and even as a shard, it is extremely powerful. The key difference between Enigma and Raptoris is that Enigma loves battle. A little too much, to be frank. It hunts Humans for sport, and can and will appear in safe zones. It can also be found in places like the Whisper, or the Land of the Lost. In combat, Enigma prefers close range, and loves to see the pain on the victim's face. It doesn't need to shatter armor or magical defense, since it cuts through them anyways, using its specialty Magic, Void Manipulation. It can also teleport, create portals, or even black holes. It is genderless, but despite this fact, Enigma is usually called "he", since the person Enigma came from is male.

The Elenatis Brothers

The Elenatis brothers are master thieves, and are also notorious trouble-makers. Their names are Mehl and Sin. They were originally orphaned twins, and instead of being sent to a new home, they lived on the streets of large cities. They stole countless items of value, including a jewel encrusted golden chalice from a Temple of Tok-Dramae. Tok-Dramae found out, and instead of punishing them, he gave them something they'd never had. A home, and a family. Although they still steal things, they've toned down a bit with that, and now carry out special missions assigned by the Greater Gods. They're horrible when it comes to combat, and prefer to run about in the shadows instead of fighting. With their Godhood, they gained lightning fast speed and the ability to become invisible. They have many followers, which include bandits, thieves and assassins.

The Energy Clan

The Energy Clan is a group of 7 Gods who all share one love: energy and power. 4 of them are males, and the other 3 are females. The males of the clan stay home and tend to the camp while the three females take care of resource collecting and fighting. The males are usually less battle ready, but are lethal when trapped in their own homes. The females are much stronger, in comparison. They innately have a pack instinct. The names of the clan members are: Zephotar(translated to: Silent One, alpha male), Makai(translated to Fighting Spirit, lesser female), Zi(translated to: Cold, lesser male), Zophimor(translated to: Fleeting Wind, alpha female), Zal(translated to: Kind One, lesser male), Gol(translated to: Deep Thought, lesser male), Drexomia(translates to: Anger, lesser female). When in combat, they use high energy attacks from all points on the battlefield, and when engaging all three females, the fight would quickly become an uphill battle. The males will run until they're trapped or they run out of energy, in which case they'll turn vicious, using the same techniques as the females, only weaker. These Gods are not related to Humans, even though they look very much Human. They're more akin to Wolves. Thus can be either called: the Energy Clan, or Wolf Gods. They make small camps that can be easily packed up and moved on a moments notice. The Energy Clan has a small clutch of what one might call "pups". These pups will act as the next generation, adding evermore to the Clan's numbers.

Brozol Maximus

Brozol Maximus is one of the sons of Astriloth. Brozol has an older brother, Ashura and a younger brother, named Zakiriyan. Each member of the family is a part of the same race, Skril'. Brozol has the ability to warp space, allowing teleportation and shapeshifting. However, being only 231(as of Year 2691), he cannot control this power as well as his father. He also doesn't have any extra arms or wings, unlike other Skril' Demons. Brozol doesn't identify himself as a God, even though by definition, he is at least a Lesser God. Brozol is always spoiled by his older brother, often given Souls to increase his power, which he rarely actually uses. He is also very kind, which is unlike his older brother and his father. He helps a human king named Ryon run Zariaha. His actual name is Skril' Bruzaal, but he abandoned that name when he became a king of Zariaha with Ryon.


Zakiriyan is a rising star in the God community. Not too many things are known about it. Gender, age and overall power. However, it is known to be a manipulative beast. It tricks countless mortals to give things up, only to not keep his end of the bargain. It has access to curses and barrier spells, as well as other powerful magics. However, it rarely uses these abilities, and uses the people it's manipulated to do the work for it.


Yira-Naoikre is the God of Doors and Gates. He has the ability to teleport, create a gate to wherever he pleases and create pocket Realms indefinitely. Yira is part of a widely feared and hated race, known as the Nightkin. Yira doesn't seem to do much thievery, but he's certainly quick, intelligent and is very good at talking his way out of punishment. Unlike most of the Gods in the Golden Palace, he's quite energetic and loves to party. He often makes himself look like a fool for the sake of entertaining others, dancing on tables, creating looping portals and the like.

Ruuki Kre-Oi-Neh

Ruuki Kre-Oi-Neh, or literally "Blood Seed", is the child of the Whisper, madness incarnate. Ruuki is the God of Ancient Blood. Ruuki has strange speech patterns, often referring to the gender of a person instead of saying their name. He also shifts constantly between Voratian and English. Personality-wise, he is very matter-of-fact. He takes great interest in what important people have to say, but usually disregards "annoying" or lesser beings. He's also naturally aggressive when he speaks, intimidating people without even trying. On the subject of his powers, he has complete control over blood. He can use either his own or another person's blood as a weapon. He can also use Ancient Curses due to his ability to speak very fluent Voratian. Recently, Ruuki was allowed to create a race in his likeness. Being similar to Ruuki, they thirst for blood constantly. This may prove to be a great problem, as they do not have his level of self restraint.

The Knight Valor

An ancient warrior who has lived through almost every event in Zeterran history. Valor is a 7' 6" Spiritkin, with a muscular build. His name, as depicted in tales, is the Valar. He has iridescent eyes. His favorite method of attack is his Dracoluminescent blades. He uses red-dyed Godstone armor, and has incredible vitality and stamina. He's put a large share of time into developing his defensive Magic, making him hard to hit, and hard to deal damage to. Aside from this, being a melee combatant, he spends a great portion of his Mana on health regeneration. No one knows his true age, but one can assume that he's at least 1,500. He was given his status as Lesser God at the beginning of the Fourth God War, to act as a makeshift leader, in Dramae's absence.