The Janni Camp is a town located in the Deep Woods region of the Mainland. It's been well know, for centuries, that the Janni Camp is a neutral safe haven.

The Janni Camp, as mentioned, is a neutral place. No outside military force, no mortal governance, nor any other power may make use of it in their ploys for power. It can, however, be used to host negotiations between said powers, when meeting elsewhere might otherwise cause incalculable chaos.

It is important to note that this town does, in fact, have its own armed force. The usual town guard. However, bolstering this force is the Mage's Colony of the Basics, whose establishment is located within its walls and jurisdiction.

Additionally, inside those same walls is Zeterra's most unified force of scientists and researchers. Both colloquially and officially referred to as the Research Facility, this institution devotes itself to the rigorous pursuit of knowledge.

The town's name, specifically the word "Janni" is an old word, whose exact origin is now lost. However, it is generally known to be defined as "outcast", "outlander", or "wanderer".