Ichorlings are the creations of Ruuki Kre-Oi-Neh, Lesser God of Ancient Blood.

The first breed of Ichorlings are small, dog-like creatures. They move incredibly fast and are decently strong for their small stature. They are deep red, entirely hairless and ever-so-slightly translucent, giving a somewhat unobscured view of their insides. Despite their strength and speed, they're easily put down, if you can avoid their claws and their teeth.

Despite the fact that Harral and Enigma exterminated them, there were a few survivors. Seemingly knowing that they were near destruction, the remaining Ichor Dogs devoured each other to steal power. These gluttonous beasts are now obsessed with eating. And no, they're no slower. The great feast helped them grow in both size and strength. The only downfall is their recklessness.