Gods are, quite simply, powerful entities. Whether they have the ability to create worlds on a whim, or just the power of teleportation, they're all classified as Gods.

Younger Gods, denoted by the title of Minor God, Demigods, or Lesser Gods, are typically discounted from the well known pantheons. Often times, the Greater Gods, Elders and Ancients are the only ones counted. But, this doesn't mean the lesser of the bunch are less important. It just means they're less powerful, or have a smaller active following.

The higher tiered Gods are often described by three different overarching titles, to differentiate their rolls.

Types of Gods

Arbiter-type Gods

Arbiter-type Gods are Gods that typically function as the leader of a specific pantheon. Often shortened to "Arbiter", these Gods also typically have a bond with the Realm they inhabit. In most cases, they're the strongest God in their respective pantheon, however, this is not always the case. It's also not impossible to have more than one Arbiter. Multiple Arbiters can work together to manage or protect a Realm.

Enforcer-type Gods

Enforcer-type Gods are Gods that act as the destructive fist of the Arbiter(s). While most Enforcer-types have more nuance involved in their affairs, this nuance is not required. Enforcer-types are, in all circumstances worthy of the title, either highly proficient in, or at masters at, combat. While Arbiters are often stronger, Enforcer-types often come close to rivaling their respective Arbiter(s). Most efficient and effective Realms have a large multitude of Enforcer-types.

Creator-type Gods

Creator-type Gods are Gods of a specific pantheon that mainly have one role: Create. They create creatures, people, landscapes, the oceans, the skies, and so on. They're typically the weakest type, combat-wise, but, this is not always the case. Often times, there are, at least, double the amount of Creator-types than Enforcer-types. These are typically the most popular Gods, as they're the most involved with the mundane world, beneath the pantheon.

Tiers of Godhood

Other Types of Gods