The Giant Warrior is a god-like machine of war, designed by the Futr people of the Origin Islands.

It's physical appearance has been lost to the ages. But, it's power is known, almost exclusively, by the Futr.

The Giant Warrior was finished just too late to aid in the defense of the Origin Islands from the invading Yratians. In addition, the details of its birth are a closely guarded Futr-kin secret.

What little we do know is mainly from an incident report, held in the Golden Palace library. In this report, the Futr-kin council, at the time, had requested that the Gods destroy the Giant Warrior, because they had no want for it to continue living, nor could they destroy it. The Gods accepted this request. Specifically, Dramae answered the call. He was reported to have bombarded the Warrior for a full day, as well as having some of his followers attack it. The attack incurred no damage.

After the incident, Dramae bound it to an island, though which island this is, is uncertain.