Below is general info about the 776 Gods lore, its creator(s) and other relevant info.

The first idea for the lore was created by the main developer, Isaiah Eastman, in 2011©.

The Story of DSZC

The first seed of the lore was planted back in my third grade class with a short story I wrote titled "Ryon the Great". It was about the king of Zariaha and the King of Demons named Brozol Maximus. Meteors were falling from the sky, spreading a disease from a parasitic race that invaded.

During my freshman year of high school, in my freshman art class, I lost interest in the topic at hand, being my classes, and started writing about the five original races: The Insect-Humans, the Feylu, the Canis, the Draconi and the Futr. My teacher caught me doing this in class, and despite me not doing the work, she complimented on it, referring to it as being similar to a college thesis of some kind.

The lore began to take over my life in a positive way. I based everything off it. My names in games I play, clan/guild names, ideals, and I've even introduced it to the people I know.

I'm planning on keeping it going for my entire life. I want it to be my magnum opus. This lore is the story of me, realizing and understanding myself and the world around me. I apologize if I've ruined your immersion, but these are my honest thoughts.

This marks the first time I've told the story of Destinyscape Zetacraft from my eyes. I hope you enjoyed this, and to my fans(the four of you out there), family, friends and everyone else, thanks for sticking with me.


Isaiah Eastman (Makse10/Makselord): Main dev, organization, concepts, storywork

Soulsupernova(Colby): Isaiah's cousin, did a decent amount of building on our Minecraft server, jerk-face #1

Glitchfree(will release his name if he agrees): Isaiah's friend, our abstract and crazy idea guy, researcher, builder

Xerez(Shaun): Isaiah's friend, comedic relief, builder, idea generator, jerk-face #2

Xcel(Jaden): Isaiah's friend, mindless worker, /kill fodder, general helper

Rees: Isaiah's friend, THE GLUE, other idea generator, meme thief/ship creator