The followers are players that chose a God to worship and help, no matter what. Once they choose a God to follow, the God becomes somewhat of an advocate and takes care of them when they're in trouble. No God should turn down a request from a follower unless it's completely ridiculous, such as: Can I have creative, or Give me some diamonds. If this occurs, an Admin will begin a manhunt for you and will kill you multiple times. If the issue is worse than that, he will hunt you for long periods of time, and destroy any creation of yours with Harrals help.

Let's turn from bad things to good things with the ability to ask for food when on low health and 0 food. Also, if you give the Gods items, they will thank you and the praise will build up, eventually the God should do some act of extreme kindness. After a long time of continual worship and devotion, the Gods will let you stay in the God Fortress(Soon to be finished with construction), an expansive building with many rooms, a Dining Hall, a Throne room, and Alters for each God. It is a true honor to be in there and be alive.

There are 9 categories of followers: Zephites, Haarites, Mesites, Holy Order, Ku-Dol, Janni, Vorites, Chaoites, Maratites.

The Zephites worship the God of Life: Zephyz.

The Haarites worship the God of Doom: Harral.

The Mesites worship the God of Matter: Medesz.

The Holy Order worships the God of Peace: Dramae.

Vorites worship the God of Balance: Raptoris.

The Chaoites worship the God of Void and Hatred: Drakus.

Maratites worship the God of Creation: Takous.

The Ku-Dol, meaning Insignificant, small, or lesser, worship any one of the Lesser Gods.

Finally, the Janni worship no God, Lesser, Greater or Elder, and are often disrespectful, or arrogent.

The Gods often kill Janni for fun, or to settle a score.

This concludes the Followers section.