The Dolma were an experimental race made by Medasz and Zephyz.

They were idols made flesh, in the image of Dracokin. Luckily, after the resounding success of the first experiment, they saw no need to try and make them better.

The Dolma were massive sapient mobile statues of Dracokin. But, being a statue didn't make them slower. All it did was make them stronger, and even more dangerous.

They are immortal. That is, until they fall apart. In which case, each piece holds part of the Dolma's Soul. Dolma shards are often used as the ultimate power sources, or they can be used to recreated the ancient God-like beings. No matter what state they're in, they're always considered Gods.

The Dolma were to be used in the case of a direct assault on the realm. However, 12 of the 13 remaining Dolma disappeared in the year 2559 of the Second Age. It is uncertain where the they went.

In the case of the one that remains; it's in pieces, and while many of the pieces have been collected, some remain missing, disallowing the Dolma's true rebirth. The location where the collected pieces are is assumed to be a strategic secret.