Stats are a complex and strange thing. Here are a few things lying around the wiki...

Gaining Stats

Some stats increase when the character levels up. These include Maximum Health and Mana, Strength and ARM.

Max. Health

Each level, between 1 and 10 Max***. Health is gained. Health is required to keep living. Once it hits 0, it's game over, man.

***Every level, Magri roll a D20 instead of a D10 for HP.

Max. Mana

Every 5 levels*, between 1 and 4 Max Mana is gained. Mana is used to cast spells. The rate at which Mana is generated is 6.25% of your maximum Mana per hour, while awake. The rate is increased to 12.5% per hour, while asleep.

Note: If your current mana drops below 10% of your total mana you will go unconscious. If your current mana drops below 1% of your total mana you will die.

*Spiritkin and Grand Angels get a Mana roll every 3 levels instead of every 5.


Every 4 levels**, between 1 and 5 Strength is gained.

1 STR is equal 25 psi of hitting force.

**Nightkin get a STR roll every 2 levels, instead of every 4.


Every 4 levels, 1 ARM is gained.

Armor stat is percentage based reduction.

Below is the natural ARM gain.

Up to, and including, 20 ARM, each ARM gives 0.5% damage reduction. This caps at 10%.

Up to, and including, 40 ARM, each ARM gives 0.25% damage reduction. This caps at 15%.

Up to, and including, 60 ARM, each ARM gives 0.125% damage reduction. This caps at 17.5%.

This is the hard-cap for natural armor.

Below is ARM from armor.

Each ARM(AV) from armor gives a 0.15% reduction in damage.


Dexterity is gained via training. For every hour trained, and on level up, you roll a D100. If you roll a 100, you gain 1 Dexterity. Each character starts with 1 Dexterity, unless stated otherwise. Dexterity caps at 20.

For each point of Dexterity, you get a +0.5(rounded up to the nearest whole) to rolls where you dodge, moving(includes flying, running), hiding, accuracy and parrying.

Magic Damage

Damage is simply the damage done when attacking.

In order to increase the effect of a specific spell, you need to put 50% extra Mana into the spell. This will increase effect by 50%.

When an attack deals light damage, it does equal to the [user's level] + 2.

When an attack does light-medium damage, it does equal to the [user's level] x 1.5.

When an attack does medium damage, it does equal to the [user's level] x 2.

When an attack does heavy damage, it does equal to the [user's level] x 2.5.

When an attack does massive damage, it does equal to the ([user's level] x 3) + ([target's level] x 0.5).

When an attack does amazing damage, it does equal to the ([user's level] x 4) + ([target's level] x 0.75).

When an attack does ludicrous damage, it does equal to the ([user's level] x 5) + ([target's level] x 1.25).

When an attack does God-like damage, it does equal to the ([user's level] x 7.5) + ([target's level] x 2).

So, if Jared's level is 32, and his attack is doing heavy damage, his attack would do 85 damage.

And, if Michael's level is 49 and his enemy is level 33, and his attack is doing massive damage, his attack would do 163.5, but would be rounded up to the nearest full number, so 164 damage.

The final number will be called [magical damage], just for the sake of learning.

Armor Bonus

Armor blocks damage, as long as armor isn't ignored or shattered. Some spells also do more damage to an opponent with metal armor. For future reference, AV meaning Armor Value, or the power of the armor. Magic that is absorbed turns into Mana. Armor sets are made of 3 pieces: Helm, Body and Leggings. Helmets have 10% of the set's AV, Bodies have 50% and Leggings have 40%

Armor is separated into a few groups. Some can deflect magic, others can absorb it for the wearer, or the magic could be amplified and hurt the person more. Absorbing Curse Magic that affects the wearer will break the Curse, to the point where it will most likely have an unintended effect.

Regular (Deflects nothing, absorbs nothing, amplifies Lightning)

Leather(Minecraft Only): Full set has an AV of 7.

Bronze: Full set has an AV of 11. Helmet has 1(1.1) AV. Body has 5(5.5) AV. Leggings have 4(4.4) AV.

Iron: Full set has an AV of 15. Helmet has 1(1.5) AV. Body has 7(7.5) AV. Leggings have 6 AV.

Diamond(Minecraft Only): Full set has an AV of 20.

Steel: Full set has an AV of 35. Helmet has 3(3.5) AV. Body has 17(17.5) AV. Leggings have 14 AV.

Absorption (Deflects nothing, absorbs 10% Mana, amplifies nothing)

Mithril: Full set has an AV of 57. Helmet has 5(5.7) AV. Body has 28(28.5) AV. Leggings have 22(22.8) AV.

Laevium: Full set has an AV of 147. Helmet has 14(14.7) AV. Body has 73(73.5) AV. Leggings have 58(58.8) AV.

Orphalite: Full set has an AV of 201. Helmet has 20(20.1) AV. Body has 100(100.5) AV. Leggings have 80(80.4) AV.

Deflection (Deflects 5% of Magic to nearest entity, absorbs nothing, amplifies nothing)

Adamant: Full set has an AV of 71. Helmet has (7)7.1 AV. Body has 35(35.5) AV. Leggings have 28(28.4) AV.

Zephyrium: Full set has an AV of 120. Helmet has 12 AV. Body has 60 AV. Leggings have 48 AV.

Zamitite: Full set has an AV of 239. Helmet has 23(23.9) AV. Body has 119(119.5) AV. Leggings have 95(95.6) AV.

Power Armor (Deflects 10% Magic damage to nearest entity, absorbs 15% Magic and amplifies nothing)

Runical: Full set has an AV of 94. Helmet has 9(9.4) AV. Body has 47 AV. Leggings have 37(37.6) AV.

Dragonite: Full set has an AV of 173. Helmet has 17(17.3) AV. Body has 86(86.5) AV. Leggings have 69(69.2) AV.

Rainbow: Full set has an AV of 260. Helmet has 26 AV. Body has 130 AV. Leggings have 104 AV.

Godly Armor (Varies)

First Age: Full set has an AV of 333, absorbs 25%, amplifies self-applied Special Magic by 10%. Helmet has 33(33.3) AV. Body has 166(166.5) AV. Leggings have 133(133.2) AV.

Amount of damage blocked

The amount of damage that is blocked by armor is determined by this formula:

[Armor AV] + [Innate ARM stat]

Whatever this formula equals is the character's true ARM stat.

So if Max is level 78 and he's using Orphalite Armor, then his ARM is 240. This means he can take 240 Damage before he starts actually taking damage.

So the formula for how much damage you'll take is


If the answer is negative, that negative number is how much you take. Otherwise, you take no damage.

Let's recap on this so far. We have two people who want to fight. Lauren is level 50, and knows a spell that can deal massive damage. Aaron is level 20 and is wearing Runical Armor. Could Aaron survive the spell if he has 160 Health?

Aaron has 99 ARM in total. Lauren's Spell can do 160 damage total in this fight. So, let's use our formula from before. 99 - 160 = -61. Aaron will take 61 Damage, and be left with 99 Health.

Physical Damage

Weapon damage is calculated by the following equations.

Pure STR, used for STR weapons.

( STR + ( STR x Weapon Modifier ) ) = Damage

Uses both STR and DEX, used for DEX weapons. All Daggers, Shortswords and Laevium weapons are DEX weapons.

( STR + [ ( STR x Weapon Modifier ) x ( DEX x 0.5 ) ] ) = Damage

Hybrid Damage

This is where you can start dealing some seriously heavy attacks. Hybrid damage is where a weapon is imbued with a certain Magic Spell. Say we imbued Fireball(LV1 Fire) into a Bronze Sword. If the User was level 1, with 1 base STR with this weapon, it would have 10 damage instead of the normal 5 for a Bronze Sword.

How this is calculated is:

[weapon's STR stat] = [material] x [weapon type]

(STR + ([user's level] x 0.25)) + [weapon's STR stat] = [physical damage]

[physical damage] + [magical damage]

If you need info on [magical damage], see above in "Understanding Magic Damage".

This allows for some seriously powerful weaponry. Unfortunately, when you imbue a weapon, it only stays imbued until you hit an enemy. That first hit is powered by the imbue, and thus lets you do tons of damage early on.