Brozol Maximus Co-Rules Zariaha. Brozol is quite a young Skril', only 231, and hasn't grown any extra arms or any wings yet. His power is much different than Ashura's, Brozol can warp space, allowing shapeshifting and teleportation. However, he cannot fully grasp his power at such a young age. Brozol doesn't identify himself as a God, even though by definition, he is at least a Lesser God. Brozol is always spoiled by his older brother, often given Souls to increase his power, which he rarely actually uses. He is also very kind, which is unlike his older brother and his father. He helps a human king named Ryon run Zariaha. His actual name is Skril' Bruzaal, but he abandoned that name when he became a king of Zariaha with Ryon. Brozol Maximus is one of the sons of Astriloth. Brozol has an older brother, Ashura and a younger brother named Zakiriyan. Each member of the family is a part of the same race, Skril'