This is the story of the Betrayal at Zakianshin, as we understand it.

~2 months before

A demon disguised as a human somehow got into the city and obtained a living space. He payed a large sum of gold and jewels to the library to take out about 20 books. It is assumed it read these to gain an understanding of the city.

~1 and a half months before

A requisition order was found for a large axe. The reason for the order was that it was going to venture into the nearby woods, and it needed protection. Random notes were found, stating points around the city with the least military protection.

~1 month before

Multiple ancient scrolls were found, most likely used for imbuing the axe with magic. A letter addressed to a Skol' Kria was also found, though it seems it never reached it's destination. The letter was too decrepit to read. 

~A week before

A shattered whetstone was found, with shards of an unknown metal, along with a broken hammer. Broken potion bottles were laying around the room, with not a drop left. In the corner lay the remains of a small portal, too small to transport creatures, but enough for items.

~Hours before

Very old explosives were found in the room, and near the destroyed gates to the city. 

~The attack

Detailed reports somehow remained intact for this long. "Today, someone from our own city attacked us, destroyed the gates to our city, and led an army of demonic creatures through it's streets. Seemingly hundreds of thousands poured through the gate. Our champions fought well the first 8 days, but on the ninth, our beloved Sapphire fell, and was kidnapped. On the 14th day, Reauge was forced into a demonic portal...We do not know his fate. On the 15th day, one of our best, Ragnar, fell to the demon champion. His younger brother, Genesis, spent the next two days demolishing the army, alone. A powerful demon warlord stood in the gate, with Genesis standing not 50 feet away. The demon, known as Krahil' Mirk, wielded eight swords, adorned with human faces. Genesis slew him, who then wandered into the woods, never to be seen again. The next day, a volcano erupted below our city. It's effects remained unnoticed until a crack opened in the center of the town. Lava poured out at an uncontrollable rate." The next part of the report was completely burnt off. Presumably by the lava.

~After the attack

The battle was short, only about 16 days. But, it had a lasting effect on the region. It is known that Sapphire and Reauge still live today. It is sad that Ragnar and Genesis are not still alive, as they were very powerful and intelligent beings. The demon Krahil' Mirk was slain, but his weapons still exist. We can only hope to find Sapphire and Reauge.