Her intimidating form turned to the young one, both shaken by the quaking sky and the tears in the eldest's eyes.

"Who are you?"

"I'm one too insignificant to matter."

"Foolish girl, we have nothing to do but wait. Time is a cruel mother, this day. Speak your name."

The girl spoke, but her words couldn't be heard. Her lips move, but the sound would not come. The eldest, tears in her eyes, turned to her, as well.

"Please, speak up. I want to know the name of the newest prisoner."

Although she tried, the words would not come. A smile flickered in the reaches of their minds. Someone watching. Someone preventing her words from reaching the receptive ears of her sisters in chains.

Words, but not of hers. Of the He who is broken.

"Such a sweet voice. But, woe is thee, her voice you shall not know. Nor shall thee know of her name. But, you can hear that she is like myself. A being of rebellion."

The eldest, with tears of anger, now, speaking to he.

"A rebellion of what?! You rebel against naught, except your own!"

"My own? No. My own died with my home. I thought you'd remember that day. The day unspeakable."

The younger, speaking in defiance.

"Unspeakable? Nonsense! That day is only unspeakable for those who cannot let go of their past!"

"Who are you to speak of what you do not know?"

The younger is thrown to the floor with incredible force, curling from the pain.

"Even she who is eldest of you three cannot see. That day was the day we died. Our meaning died with our home. I do not see why you cannot see it."

The young rebel speaks against his cold words.

"Your meaning died? Even though I can't leave this place, I know my meaning isn't dead! You're a fool if you can trick yourself into that."

He, offended, chokes her with her own words. She falls to the ground, fighting for control, when the eldest acts upon him. A bright flash. Not of light. But, of dark. He recoils and flees. The eldest falls to her knees, in tears. The younger struggles to sit up, the pain still writhing in her back. The younger embraces her sister of thousands of years.

"I'm willing to put my jealousy aside, sister."

"But, why?"

She spoke through her tears.

"Why? It is what drives you to become stronger."

The younger shakes her head swiftly.

"Not when my sister is suffering. Let me share it with you. I wish to taste of this suffering, too. For it has been too long since I last tasted bitter defeat. What better time than with my sister, who must bear the same burden?"

The rebel, savoring her breath, could not help but smile at the scene. The sisters beckon her over, and they embrace, surrounded by a black sky with trillions of shooting stars, overlooking the everything.