The Agaricites are a race of mushroom-like people. The race was only born in the end of the Second Age in the nearby realm of Ki-Mui-Nol.

The Agaricites are a simple race, taking only what they need from the land and using everything they get in some way. They worship Tok-Zephyz and Yzaar-Takous, both. When it comes to their towns, the shrine is often the largest structure. The towns themselves are constructed mostly of giant mushrooms, and sometimes large trees.

The Agaricites are also master farmers and potion-makers. Their weapons are simple, yet brutal, sporting spines, claws, teeth and sharpened bones. They also use a variety of poisons to cripple their attackers. They use armor made from their fallen people and the animals and beasts they kill. When hunting, they act as a high-functioning unit, capable of understanding each other and communicating without words, hand signals or body language. Instead, they're connected to a mycelial network that activates whenever they're touching the ground. Due to this, they prefer ground combat over sneak attacks from places like trees.

They have no true hierarchy. For the most part, they simply understand what the group needs, satisfies that need, and move on to the next. Sometimes, there are highly respected Agaricites who act as leaders or heroes, but this is rare. They don't typically speak with outsiders, but they don't hate them.

In DSZC 5, they have 10 HP, 1 STR, 1 Mana, 1 ARM. They can communicate with other Agaricites through the mycelial network. They're immune to plant-based poisons and toxins.

The Agaricites are a Tier 2 Race.